New Year Resolutions for Small Business Marketing

Many people establish personal resolutions for the new year, but you should also make resolutions for your business. Many small business owners personal and business lives intertwine, which may make keeping your resolution even easier. Luckily, running a small business allows you to market your business anytime and anywhere, you are not limited to a specified timeframe. Having these options available allows for more possibilities and engagement in networking, marketing and advertising.

A few resolution ideas that are sure to spark up business:

  • Build relationships with customers
  • Increase local exposure
  • Engage in and monitor your marketing
  • Be consistent
  • More online engagement
  • Develop partnerships
  • Increase twitter following
  • Referral marketing

The most important resolution to make is to create a plan and stick to it. What resolutions have you made in the past that have proved to be most successful?
Cheers to the New Year and to your new resolutions for your small business!


Full Article: Business Blogs » Blog Archive » 28 Small Business Marketing Resolutions for the New Year.
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