The Technology Every Business Needs to Succeed in 2014

techAn extremely high percentage of successful businesses require advanced technology to compete in the modern economy.  Technology is used to transmit, receive and decipher information. This data can be related to accounts, customers, sales, returns, taxes and inventory among many others.  Because this information is what keeps the company going, it has to be organized and communicated accurately through Information Technology (IT).

Information Technology is responsible for controlling the computers, internet and all other aspects of data communication involved with a business. Whether it’s storing emails, setting up softwarejob scheduling or keeping internet up to speed, a company’s IT department is what keeps the train chugging along. Below I have listed three areas where quality IT is needed to keep a business afloat as we creep toward 2014.



The internet becomes more mandatory every time the sun rises. The internet bandwidth of a business is arguably the most significant component in a company other than the minds that lead the charge. It’s that important. The web provides access to people and information all over the planet, at real time speed. The internet makes company email, internet conference calls and websites possible. Without the internet it would literally be impossible to run an effective business with how immediate our society has become.

Why: The entire global economy runs through the internet. To take it a step further, not only does every business need internet, but they need a service that enables them to process things extremely quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s fiber optics or a specific provider, it needs to be a priority.

Scalable software and hardware


Software and hardware are the tools used to maintain a business model and the services or products it provides. The thing that’s tough about business is that while everyone wants to grow within their specific market, many companies don’t have scalable software and hardware. This means that the servers or the applications they utilize aren’t able to expand in sync with operational growth. The comforting news is that software development worldwide is on a whole new level.

A business that things they will expand rapidly within the initial two years could consider something like cloud data storage, for example. This would be a more suitable option for rapid growth than onsite data storage. If the operational footprint increases, and the internal servers can’t maintain it, the business suffers.

Why: Our economy fluctuates each day. This creates a volatile marketplace where growth is unpredictable at times. Erring on the side of caution is best done with scalable technology. This comes in many different forms, but the bottom principle is the same: technology should be able to grow in unison with operational demands. If rapid growth occurs, the business will be ready.



Within most businesses there are aspects of the company that need to remain confidential. The IT team protects emails, servers and information that must stay in-house for enterprise success. Technology admins keep everything in check and makes sure the internet connections, mail servers and websites are safe from outside hackers and competitors.

Whether the particular technology is a specific firewall or simply a secure IP address tailored to a specific operation, security is imperative in the internet age of late 2013 and early 2014.

Why: Security has always been a focus of business leadership, but it’s never been more possible to either breach security or prepare for it. It’s about choosing whether or not to take it seriously, and with how important internal information is, it’s best to utilize technology in this area as well. Business related cyber-crimes are more intricate nowadays, but so are the precautions that can be taken.

Business is an organized method of exchanging goods or services. Operations need to be efficient, and technology is necessary to make it happen. Information Technology is the backbone of business because it channels information in the correct ways. A sophisticated technology structure will lead to a thriving business in the modern world.

Adam KinseyAdam Kinsey writes about business technology for Silicus, a technology consulting company.
Image courtesy Scott McLeod

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