4 Technological Changes to Make Today to Streamline Business Management

7K0A0108For many business owners the challenges faced in the daily management of your company may have become a never ending onslaught, however, unbeknown to many, technology can help! New business-focused technologies are coming to market each and every day, and for small and start-up businesses in particular these advancements provide a much needed lifeline to reduce overheads, boost bottom lines and streamline management on a short and long term basis.

Here we reveal the four technological changes every business should make today to modernize their management infrastructure and get the wider brand one step closer to market domination…

Go virtual

For consumers looking to purchase products or services across a number of sectors, customer service counts, and managing this delicate and instrumental infrastructure can make a business or bring it to its knees.

Using a virtual assistant system to open up your website and brand to better customer service and wider market engagement unlocks a number of benefits for small businesses, especially those predominantly based online. Virtual assistant services provide a cost effective and efficient way to manage administrative responsibilities and take a huge weight off the shoulders of the busy customer service team currently manning your company’s phones and inboxes. A digital virtual assistant provides customer service to consumers browsing your website both inside and outside of office hours and gives managers a streamlined solution to meeting both staffing needs and their customer base’s requirements.

Satisfy the needs of your data center

For many online businesses, maintaining a data center to effectively manage your company’s assets is a full time job, and outsourcing this important task could be the right step for both fledgling and market leading businesses. Upgrading how your company manages its data is an essential part of running a successful enterprise, and over 40% of companies have fully or partially outsourced their data center management in the last 12 months.

Enlisting a data center manager means you not only benefit from specialist IT staff without having to foot a huge payroll bill, but also means your IT assets are run safely and securely so you can focus on delivering a service or product that matters to your customers.

Trade travel for teleconferencing

Employees traveling to meet clients and customers outside of the office can stretch a business’ finances and your managing prowess. However, with so many VoIP services available for free or for very little cost you can take control of management once more and avoid the upheaval associated with a wandering workforce.

Teleconferencing via services like Skype or Vonage ensures your workforce can still connect and communicate with customers and clients face-to-face from the comfort of the office. As well as fine tuning your management structure, you can also look forward to reduced telephone bills and travel expenses.

Manage your accounts without the headache

Managing company accounts is just one of the many challenges faced by small business owners, and whilst employing an accountant may appear to be the simplest choice, utilizing the wealth of computerized accounting software may offer you more bang for your buck!

Accounting technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and using this sophisticated software business owners and managers can automate and balance their books without delving into the complicated world of accounting.

Many accounting software packages provide e-invoicing, automatic updates of supplier accounts, managed payment systems for both customer transactions and expenses, adjusted company stock records and accurate payroll calculations. A number of packages also provide insight tools to make light work of forecasting, valuation, future budget planning, VAT returns and payroll analysis. The benefits of using accounting software are endless, and managers can look forward to improved compliance and higher revenue thanks to this new age of accounting intelligence.

Business technology specialist Brittany Thorley works for RiT Technologies. She regularly shares her expertise across the web and actively provides guidance to small to medium sized enterprises looking to streamline operations and bolster business success.

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  1. Data centers seems like a great way to effectively manage your company’s assets. I like that data center management companies are able to store massive amounts of data. That is crazy that 40% of companies outsource their data centers in just one year.

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