Wild Friends Nut Butter Interview

Yesterday I had the privilege of guest hosting a show for Young Female Entrepreneurs. I was super excited about it because I’ve interviewed many Shark Tank Entrepreneurs and this was another great one, with a […]

The Men Behind the Shark Tank Blog (Ep. 42)

Carissa interviews the two guys behind SharkTankBlog.com – Rob Merlino and Kirk Taylor, who share what they’ve learned from interviewing so many small business owners, behind the scenes Shark Tank information and how they (and […]

Shark Tank Gifts!

If you’re a Shark Tank fan like myself then you will LOVE this new website! SharkTankGifts.com is your one-stop-shop for all of your favorite products which have appeared on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. Be […]

The Cat Drawing Guy From Shark Tank! (Ep. 33)

Kathy and Carissa of Ovaleye interview Steve Gadlin, entrepreneur who brought his business, I Want to Draw a Cat For You, to ABC’s Shark Tank and acquired an investment from Shark Mark Cuban, self-made billionaire. […]

The Smart Baker from The Shark Tank (Ep. 32)

Kathy and Carissa of Ovaleye interview Daniel Rensing, co-founder of The Smart Baker. Daniel shares how him and his wife’s ideas and needs transformed into a business, how they worked with manufacturers to get their […]

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