The Small Businesses Do It Better blog does accept guest posts. We are all about growing the small business community and raising awareness for small businesses – which is why we love publishing your articles! If you would like to submit a guest post, please read through the guidelines and follow the directions on this page. Apply only if you meet these requirements or your submission will not be considered.

Your post must pertain to small businesses. This is a rather vague criteria, but covers a wide range of topics, such as: public relations, branding, crowd funding, tools, advertising, accounting, operations, technology, social media, management, customer service, web design, seo, marketing, legal, human resources, manufacturing… you get the point. Please keep your post on topic and not industry-specific.

TIP: we get a ton of guest post submissions in the Marketing category, if you submit an article pitch in a different category your submission is more likely to be approved. If you’d like to pitch a Marketing idea make it unique!


  • Your post must be original. No article spinning or reusing an existing post; The article must be yours, do not take credit for someone else’s work. The post you submit will be researched to verify it is in fact, original, so don’t try to slip one by
  • It is imperative that your article is well-written, uses correct grammar, spelling, etc. If you have a bunch of typo’s, your article will not be accepted
  • The site you are linking back to must be in good standing and not blacklisted or untrustworthy
  • Each article must be a minimum of 600 words
  • The author will be credited for the article, do not write an article promoting your business
  • An author bio is required for article credit. If you are representing a company, you must be authorized to do so
  • Article should be in a Word, PDF, or html document file format

What you need to do:

Email me directly at with only THREE title suggestions using “Guest Post Proposal” as the email subject. Do not email me an article without pre-approval, it will not be used. Please also include your website URL (or preferred social media profile link if no website). If you cannot follow these simple rules and the guidelines above then your email will not be considered. I reserve the right to accept, not accept, or edit any submission to adhere to Google compliance guidelines.

Please understand that I receive a large number of proposals. Please do not email multiple requests or follow-ups as it really jams up my inbox. If your submission is accepted you will hear from me with further details.

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