20 Business Books Every Professional Should Read

Click the books for more information and where to purchase E-Myth by Michael Gerber E-Myth completely changed my perspective on running a business. Most small business owners are stuck in…


Which Variables Are Impacting Your Workforce’s Productivity?

How productive your employees are can be influenced by a wide range of variables. Naturally, sometimes this can include what is happening in their personal lives, but more often than…


Finding Your Next Contract

When unemployment hit rock bottom a few years ago, few people credited that it would battle back so strongly in the post-recession climate. A lot of that success is down…

How to Effectively use Web Video in Marketing a Small Business

Becoming a renowned leader in one’s respective field of business, enjoying the reputation of a desirable employer and earning large profits make for the holy trinity of modern entrepreneurship ideals,…


Designing the Perfect Business Logo

A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It’s the face of an entire brand, a symbol…

business toolbox

The Business Plan Toolbox

We have all suffered from the agony and torture that is writer’s block, but attempting to write a business plan while staring at a blank page puts the suffering on…


How Businesses are Using Social Media

The top social media sites, their benefits, how businesses are using them and projected usage. Infographic courtesy Real Business Rescue

looking for employees

Finding, Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees

Determining staff needs, searching for candicates, selecting the right people, organizing staff development, and movitvating your employees. Infographic courtesy of BackgroundChecks.org