Small Business: February Round Up

SMALL BUSINESS MONTHLY ROUNDUPFebruary was full of excitement and education! The one and only, Barbara Corcoran, sat down with me for a live interview, a SBDIB blog post was featured in the New York Times, sat down with Mari Smith – the Queen of marketing on Facebook, and also got some great feedback from several business owners about how they use Twitter to get business.

1) Interview with Barbara Corcoran, Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Investor

What can I say, Barbara Corcoran gives some insanely amazing business insights and tips in this interview! This info applies to any business owner or entrepreneur. Just watch it, you WILL learn something valuable.

2) Top Tips on How to Save on Your Common Business Expenses

An excellent guest blog post that got attention from the New York Times! Great info about where you can cut costs, and it really makes you think again about where your money is going to! Read the full article here

3) Interview with Social Media Expert, Mari Smith

If you’ve heard of Facebook then you should know who Mari Smith is. Mari is the original and reining Queen of Facebook marketing. She was very honest about marketing on Facebook and other social media sites.

4) How to Use Twitter to Bring in Business

Small business owners, social media managers, public relations associates, bloggers, SEO experts, and entrepreneurs sent me the proven methods they use to market their business on Twitter. Read the full article here


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