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Chris Brogan, Trust Agents

Ovaleye is using our time online with a focus of taking the in person meet for coffee sit down and scaling it. We want our prospective and current hosting members to know, trust, and like us. To scale the feeling on an in person meeting to those outside of our area we are relying on the social web. If this sounds like what you are doing too, we recommend you watch this video from Bryan Elliott and Behind the Brand on Chris Brogan on Creating Trust With Customers Online via

Chris Brogan is the author of Trust Agents who, as he mentions in the video, is at the core of it all, just someone who “wants to help you succeed.” He does that now through helping businesses utilize social media to reach their core audience online; they reach their audiences by becoming trust agents. He explains in the interview that a trust agent is someone who you think of first when encountering a problem.

While the entire interview is well worth the ten minutes if you are a small business owner, or someone who works in a small business, the points that we appreciate the most were in his answers to ‘what can i do today to change my game:

  • Make it easier for people to contact me
  • Create simple call to actions with large fonts and graphics pointing to that one statement
  • Work on growing your email marketing list and focus on serving them
  • Build a media presence of some kind: tell stories about the people who are using your services through a blog at least.
  • Make use of online services and tools that promote local services
Ovaleye thanks Chris Brogran and Bryan Elliott for an awesome interview. Hope you are with us on that it is definitely time to get to work!
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