Four Ways To Thank Your Customers and Encourage Them To Do Future Business

What’s the secret to engaging your customers, and keep them engaged so that they do business with you in the future? Convincing people to buy your product or service is a very tough job. Regardless of your niche, the key to keeping people interested is engagement. Sometimes all you need is a simple “thank you” to grab their attention. Financial incentives matters; but what matters more is to be human. Here are 4 core ways to thank customers, and make them want to use you or your services again.

1. Custom notes

Custom notes can go a very long way. However, to make yours feel and look different, you have to make it look different. What was the last time you sent a letter? Not an email, or a message on a chat; an actual letter in the mail. It’s quite surprising how efficient letters can still be. Why? Because nobody does it anymore.

One of the most effective and impactful types of “thank you” notes are personal notes. Cherish thy customer, and that customer will realize what you have to say has value. Done right, your gift idea of a custom “thank you” note can bring tremendous meaning. In the business world, the key to success is to satisfy the customer. Happy customers have reactions; they’re compelled to spread the word about your business, and they have a lot of influence on the quality levels of your product or service.

Before sending your customers anything, make sure to target them. You don’t want to send the wrong “thank you” note to the wrong people. Advanced technology and analytics tools can help in this case. Target your customers by:

  • Age & background
  • Job type
  • Personal interests
  • Past purchases from your business

This criterion helps build a picture in your mind. Make sure that your notes have meaning. The more personal and insightful they are the better chances you have to appeal to their interest and personal preferences.


2. Invite customers to exclusive events

Set up a company event and invite your most loyal customers to join. An informal party is an excellent way to thank them for their support. Make sure the event is fun and interesting. Don’t make it about your product or service, but about your customers. This means you have to take of everything – music, food, ambiance, and decor.

Use the event to your advantage, and build strong customer relationships. Socialize, and meet people on a personal level. Talk about their personal interests and find a way to appeal to them on a human level.

3. Exceed expectations with incentives

Contrary to popular belief, exceeding customer expectations is not an impossible job to go. Wow them with offers they can’t resist, such as discounts and coupon codes. If you can’t afford to spend money, use the power of email to draw attention. Leverage good content and use newsletters to your benefit.

Most businesses appreciate customers more around the holidays. You should be more careful, so that you can stand above the competition. Send them something every week; sometimes even a simple “thank you” message can do a lot. Such messages are all about providing customer care; engaged customers are more likely to remember who you are in the long-term.


4. Loyalty programs

Why do loyalty programs matter so much? Basically, they matter because customers want to feel special. Set up a VIP program, and invite loyal customers to join. Make the offer irresistible even if what you can provide is not something really expensive. Thanking customers for being part of your business by including them in a private group boosts engagement.

The better care you take of your target audience, the better chances you have to keep them hooked on what you private them on a daily/weekly basis. Every now and then, a physical gift in their mailbox can also be a good way to engage. Nurture your people, and you’ll have a lot to win in the long-term. Be there for them, and cater to their needs. When was the last time you offered a gift to an enthusiastic customer? Think about it and act now.

Davis Miller is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. He also recommends Veritas Gifts to get bespoke corporate gifts.

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