3 Mistakes In Business Communication

When you’re trying to build new business partnerships you will find out that it can be very easy to push your customers or colleagues away by making inappropriate jokes or being too insistent.

The situation gets even worse when you already know the person and you start being annoying by leaving them some intrusive e-mails or calls. Here we offer you some of the most typical mistakes, that can ruin your business partnership.

Time is precious

Even your child knows that ‘Time is money!’. In most cases businessmen are really busy people and it is very important that you consider the most appropriate type of communication. E-mails are perhaps the most unobtrusive option in such cases. They give your partner time to answer and show you as a serious person. If you choose this type of communication. You should know that there are certain rules, which have to be followed, when it comes to writing a business e-mail.

  • You will have to pay attention on the grammar and spelling. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I have to mention it. Always look through the text before you send it. You can’t expect people to take you seriously, when you are not able of expressing yourself correctly.
  • Don’t include jokes and smilies in your business e-mail. They are an indication that you’re not a serious and reliable person. Even if you know the person well and this type of business manners seem a bit unnecessary to you, try to separate your personal life from your work. ‘Oh, and by the way, dude, that party last weekend was awesome!!! :)’ is not a very suitable ending for a business conversation, don’t you think?
  • Try to avoid both too short and too long e-mails. In the first case, it may be interpreted as a demonstration of a disinterest and lack of seriousness. Also, writing a one-paragraph e-mail may lead to misunderstanding and confusion, which later can grow into some serious mistakes. As for the so-called ‘novels’ – you will have to try to be laconic. It is really annoying to receive an e-mail which is 3 pages long and eventually says nothing.

Don’t call after 6pm, unless you have an agreement

If your customer had forgotten to offer you an appropriate time for a conversation, don’t bother them by making evening calls. Unless it is urgent, leave this conversation for the next day. Many of us prefer to spend their free time with relatives and friends, away from all business talks and problems. It is really irritating to answer a business call at 10pm.


Business lunches

The main purpose of these lunches is to build strong business relationships. They are not about negotiating or arguing. This doesn’t mean that you have to act like you’re on a restaurant with some of your friends. If you had been invited on such a meeting, you will have to let the other person pay. Sharing in this case is not an option. It can be interpreted as an offense, rather than politeness.

Author Bio: Morgan Johnes is passionate business writer and blogger. He works a part time job at Finchley cleaning agency and he really loves his job because he has enough time to write at home.

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