Top 10 Best Online and Print Business Magazines

Successful people in the business world don’t just close their eyes and hope for the best; they assess, plan, and constantly look for new ways to execute that plan. They also know that knowledge is power. When it comes to handling a successful business, there’s no question of what’s going to happen next; it’s already been thought out way ahead of time. That’s why business magazines like Forbes and Fortune are some of the very best tools business people swear by. How do you think Donald Trump became such a household name? Well, his hair may actually be more famous (or infamous) than him, but we’ll just let that go.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best business magazines and find out just how the world’s most successful business people do what they do best.

1. Forbes: A bi-weekly magazine that provides business information services as well as lifestyle content specifically designed for business leaders, consumers, professionals, and investors.
2. Fortune: Specifically known for its consistently reliable annual rankings of companies. The “Fortune 500,” for example, is a ranking system that arranges the world’s companies by gross revenue.
3. Barron’s: A weekly magazine that covers U.S. financial information, statistics, and market developments.  A wrap-up of the market activity of the previous week is always included in the most current issue.
4. Fast Company: This magazine focuses on setting an agenda for the business professional. It uncovers the best and up-and-coming practices and helps them to work more intelligently and efficiently.
5. Kiplinger:  Best known for The Kiplinger Letter, which is a weekly business periodical for those involved in management positions. Advice on managing cash and financial security are the areas that are focused on. It is available online, in print, audio, and video.

6. Smart Money: The Wall Street Journal gives advice on spending and investing in this magazine. Articles on lifestyle, technology and travel, personal finance, and business can also be found here.
7. The Economist: An online source that provides analysis of current affairs, insight on international news, and overviews of cultural trends and business reports.
8. CEOWorld: The only magazine written strictly for CEOs and their peers. It provides reviews, analysis, finance and business news, and ideas and strategies for executive leaders.
9. Bloomberg Business Week: A global source of vital business insight, which motivates leaders to turn their ideas into a plan of action. It moderates worldwide conversations and urges business professionals forward.
10. The Harvard Business Review: A research-based magazine that provides a wealth of information about the latest trends, business plans, and practices that the best business leaders implement.

These magazines not only help to guide those in the business realm, but they make them aware of the various trading systems throughout the world, provide them with information about new and up-and-coming companies, and keep them up to date on economic growth and trends. Business degree or not, if you’re a business professional, these magazines are a must read in order to thrive and grow in an extremely fast-paced world.

This is a guest post from Will Warren, freelance writer online who has written several online posts about online business school programs in California and small business workshops.


  1. Totally agree with you, these are the best business magazines that will successfully guide you through the business world. “Fortune” and “The Economist” are my favorite ones :)

  2. It is really an excellent list in the business category. These list provides a much more information about business in all views. Especially i love to read “CEO world” which reveals some interesting facts about CEO’s of successful companies.

  3. This is a real good list of resources for a graphic or web designer. Got lots of new tools to use and explore apart from some regular tools which I already use. Thanks for sharing all these under one page. I am sure this post is going to be very much handy and valuable for any designer like me.

  4. this is really helpful. looking and observing how the big business magazine websites do their work gives a big impact on how you can do your job better. i’m taking example to what they are doing with their works. thank you for sharing :D

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