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Seth Godin did it again. Following the hoof steps of Purple Cow, Poke the Box packs a great message into a fairly short book. It stays on point and drives it home with a punch rather than just a poke. The book inspires you… no, better to say it DRIVES you… to want to start something. In fact that is the theme of the entire book – ‘just start’.

Poke the Box is about starting. It rightfully points out that starting is the hardest part of succeeding, and only a very few people have what it takes to start. You may be thinking about initiating a new program at work, opening a store, or inventing the next social media craze. Well you can’t do it unless you start, and once you start it means that you have no other choice but to finish.

Poke the Box is really my favorite kind of book. It enforces what I already know, and does so without boring me with hours of statistics, studies and repetition. Seth Godin goes straight to the core idea in a way that leaves you energized and ready to make things happen. This is a perfect weekend book that will inspire you into the next week.

The job isn’t to catch up to the status quo. The job is to invent the status quo. This is a manifesto about starting.

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