Creating a Logo Design: A Helpful Guide!

A logo reflects the image of a company. It is the manifestation of a company’s mission and business philosophy and stands for its history, present and future. It plays a crucial role in the image building of the company as well as in establishing the brand identity. To maximize the effects of a logo design, you must understand its important aspects. In this article, I will give you an insight into a logo design and how you can create one with helpful tips and techniques.


A logo stands you out among your competitors. It reflects a company’s ethos and mission and reinforces its product message. This helps build reputation of the company and gain trust of its customers. A perfect logo design promotes a company and its products and expands its business to wider audience. Furthermore, it puts across the business philosophy and values of the company.

Brand Identity

Logo play major role in the branding of a business. They look stylish, elegant and sophisticated on any product. Across the globe, they have become symbols of many known and famous brands such as McDonalds, Nike and Apple etc. You can use your logos to communicate your product message as well as brand your business. You can use it on number of items for advertising your business such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, business cards, pen etc.


There are three basic types of logos: (1) Typeface logos (2) Symbol-based logos and (3) Abstract logos. A typeface logo uses the company’s name to represent its brand identity. Popular examples of typeface logos are Google, eBay, Microsoft etc. Whereas a symbol-based logo uses signs or marks to symbolize an organization, such as Apple, Shell, Nike etc. While an abstract logo uses creative and innovative ideas to reflect a company’s ethos.


A logo is crucial to build and strengthen a company’s brand image. Logos can be used in variety of forms and mediums such as business cards, flyers, brochures, websites, billboards, T-shirts and coffee mugs etc.

How to Create a Logo Design?

You can create a logo design through four sources: (1) freelance designer (2) ad agency (3) logo design service or (5) DIY- Do It Yourself. While you can consider all these ways to create a logo design, getting professional help always results in the best logo design. A logo design expert will research your company and its different aspects before sketching and creating a logo design, resulting in a unique brand identity.

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  1. I definitely would recommend advertising your business with merchandise. If your logo helps your company become big enough you can supplement your income selling your merchandise. Look at all of the name brand clothes merchandise. People empty their pockets to buy that merchandise. A lot can be said for a successful logo.

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