Small Businesses, Protect Your Online Reputation

As small businesses we are told daily to be online blogging, tweeting, updating our Facebook status, and uploading video. Mashable recently published four ways to keep your online reputation in check while you are busy putting your business out there. Don’t get yourself to the point where you are constantly putting out fires online, instead be proactive about knowing what conversations are being had.

The article 4 Ways to Protect the Reputation of Your Small Business Online mentioned to best protect your online reputation you will need to do some research and planning. Answering the questions of what, where, who, when, why when it comes to where you will be devoting your money and energy online. The author suggests that every business owner setup alerts and listen in on conversations being had about their business online. Apart from listening, joining in on the conversation was also mentioned as a reputation management too and finally the author urges small businesses to protect themselves when things heat up. Having a plan for how to deal with negative comments online, is a crucial step.

Along with what was mentioned in each point, also consider to:
  • manually run a Google and Twitter search weekly on your business name, the people in it, your geographic area, your industry, competitors, and mentors
  • schedule in time to thank those who mention your brand online
  • ask for help if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Don’t react too quickly before thinking through your post, comment, or tweet.
The biggest point you need to understand is that there will be no protection for those who are not online and not present in the conversation. Don’t dismiss social media as another marketing gimmick that eats up your time. Be where your customers are.
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