State’s Small Business Conference Finds Large Audience

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Be active in your local government and utilize local small business resources such as your local chapter of S.C.O.R.E.

“We need you as small business owners, as leaders in your communities to help us with ideas,” Fallin said. “What can we do to further help support you? What do we do that helps you? What do we do that hurts you? We want to know those issues.”

Dave Shideler, a rural development specialist, discussed some of the challenges that face rural entrepreneurs – including isolation, communication challenges, fewer resources and the need to increase demand for their business – and practical ways to overcome those issues.

His No. 1 tip to business owners was to write their ideas down on paper. By putting ideas on paper, people can see the full nuances of their idea, the complexities and benefits, he said. It also helps them when presenting their idea to a banker or trying to market their business.

“Make yourself known, Shideler added. “We’re in a technological age. If you don’t have a website, you’re missing an opportunity. From an advertising perspective, having a website is critical.”

via State’s small business conference finds large audience | Tulsa World.

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