How to Get Your Products Into the Hands of a Celebrity

This story is quite inspiring! It starts out with a woman who decided to quit her career to stay at home with her kids, but she wanted to do something. She took some crafty things she loved and gave away to friends from a hobby to a successful small business. Her products ended up in this year’s Golden Globe swag bags!

“It’s my business and it’s me marketing—nobody else is going to do it for me.”

How did she get her products in the hands of celebrities? Networking.  She connected with people and more people who introduced her to the right people.  Easier said than done, but it is very possible and I’ve seen it done time and time again. We all can learn a lot from her story:

  • Share on all social networks
  • Blog. Post content from you, the business owner
  • Feature other people, with nothing in return
  • If you see an offer you like, jump on it

It’s all in who you know and who they know. Below I’ve included an interview with Sue Kirchner, small business owner who has an online store and a very successful blog.  Sue shares her experiences that include excellent advice and tips on getting PR and press coverage for your small business. Enjoy!

Full article at OPEN Forum.
Image Courtesy Ollie Crafoord
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