The Top 12 Interviews of 2012

12 Most Watched Interviews of 2012

2012 was a phenomenal year, with incredible guests on the Small Businesses Do It Better show! A huge thank you to each and every one of the show’s guests and to all of those who have watched! The show is viewed on many channels across the internet and this list was compiled from the total views across every channel the show is syndicated on.

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#12 Top Tips for Marketing Your Business Online, Email Markeing and PR, with Ali Rittenhouse


#11 Marketing, Social Media, and Twitter Tips, with Brent Pohlman


#10 We Are Young Female Entrepreneurs, with Jennifer Donogh


#9 Using your Experience to start your own Successful Business, with Felecia Hatcher


#8 The Men behind the Shark Tank Blog, with Rob Merlino and Kirk Taylor


#7 Kickstart your Business, with Jules Taggart and Krystina Feucht


#6 The Art of Business, with James Sun


#5 The Smart Baker, with Daniel Rensing


#4 He Wants to Draw a Cat for You, with Steve Gadlin


#3 Using Every Resource and Pro-Bono Opportunity in Business, with Kevin Nelson


#2 The Show No Towel, with Shelly Ehler


#1 Drawing up a Business, with Danielle Corsetto


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