Methods and Challenges in Small Business Marketing

small business email marketingThis infographic is quite surprising! It’s hard to believe that print marketing is more widely used than social media marketing and online advertising, but the percentage of businesses who intend to increase social media usage is fairly high, which is great!

Knowing the top challenges small businesses face is also important, and for those of you who provide services to businesses that can help with these common problems, jump on it!

Take a look at the social media network usage too, I’m a little bummed that Google+ was not incorporated into this data – it would be good to know where they stood. But, look at the YouTube numbers, and which other networks it is used more than. Are you marketing with video?
Small Business Marketing

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  1. Nice stats and excellent figures there in the pic. But small businesses which are offline have habit of going online presently in developing countries. May be this trend will change and enhance their business due rise in internet usage in these countries..

  2. I wonder what falls under the category of “Website Marketing” at the top of this infographic. It’s a high number at 95% but it’s kind of a vague description. Did people answer yes if they simple HAVE a website. Because I bet a majority of small businesses struggle to reach customers effectively online.

  3. Well, with online marketing, offline marketing is also important. Banner and business board advertising give local and direct clients.

  4. Social media is a modern innovative way to promote a business in your community, but I like to prefer outdoor advertising methods such as vehicle wrapping that is not only useful to get attention towards our small business, but also it is very cheap than any other advertisement medium.

  5. When a banner is displayed outside of your business, it continues to reinforce your brand. Passerbys will become intrigued and will visit your store. And if a customer did business with you and enjoyed your products, they will see your banner and immediately recognize you.

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