Can Customer Intelligence Campaigns Help Small Businesses?

wwsTo succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business markets, the need for companies to understand their target audiences has never been greater. In fact, if a small company does not fully understand their target groups it could lead to very poor business indeed.

To get the best possible understanding of their customers, many small businesses will go directly to or other similar dedicated market research companies. There, they can find many invaluable services that can help them to build a better understanding of their customer’s tastes and preferences.

If you run a small business it could be very advantageous for you to seek advice from a specialist customer intelligence service provider. A better understanding of your customers will allow you to improve products or services where they need improving and will also allow you to pinpoint your pricing strategies.

There are a number of services that a good customer intelligence provider can offer a small business. Below we will look at few of these services and the positive impact they can have on a small business.

The Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is a carefully selected employee of a customer intelligence service those job involves buying various products for analysis. These shoppers will be given specific tasks to carry out of a period of a week, which will involve buying goods. Once they have completed their task they will be given in-depth questionnaires to fill out. Once these are completed they are sent back to the customer intelligence service for analysis. The conclusions are then sent on to the small business where they can be used to improve products or services.

Price Checking

Price checking services can greatly help a small business to pinpoint its pricing strategies. This involves a customer intelligence operative gathering pricing data on your and your competitor’s goods or services. Once this data has been gathered it can give an accurate picture of national pricing strategies, which can help your business to stay competitive in already crowed markets.

Social Media Monitoring

There is an ever-increasing amount of people that are using social media as a platform to express their concerns and at times their grievances about products or services. Customer intelligence companies now tap into this stream of conversations and comments and gather related information for analysis. Some services even include contacting customers to assist them with their concerns.

Customer Intercepts Plans

Customer intercepts involve interviewing consumers that use your competitor’s products or services. This can lead to some invaluable insights and understandings of customer preferences and opinions of your products as well as that of your competitors. Fully understanding your competitor’s customers can help you to develop your services and products for improved consumer interest and higher sales.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys can help you to get a very clear view of what your customers feel about your products. These are carried out on consumers that already use your products or services. Once the data has been gathered you will have a very accurate picture of what the consumer feels about your product or service and how it can be improved.  This is an invaluable insight and can help your company to identify its weaknesses as well as understand it strengths.

Fully Understanding your customers needs and preferences is the key to business success. The better you understand your target groups the better you can refine your products and services for their use. A business that has these advantages will always have an edge over their competitors, as well as of course, having satisfied and very loyal customers.

Laura Winter is a freelance writer from Market Force, one of the leading mystery shopping providers in Spain and across Europe. On, you will be able to find details regarding their customer intelligence programs. Image Courtesy Roland Tanglao

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