A New Way to Do Lunch

4 Ways to Make Your Employees Happy Through Food

336One of the (many) perks of being a small business owner is having the opportunity to connect with your employees – the lifeblood of your company. When you have such a connection to your employees,it becomes even more important to you that you provide them with a quality work environment. A drawback of being a small business owner is that the budget for such quality, such as employee incentives and benefits, is not as plentiful as it is for a larger company(especially in the economic climate we are living in today).

And so, every cent matters. One of the most budget friendly and cost effective perks you can offer is food. That is right, food. Do lunch! No matter how large or small your business, employees are always appreciative of a nice catered lunch. Of course, it is always a letdown when they make it to the break room only to discover a veggie and cheese platter and a box of store bought cookies. Sure, it may be free food. But they deserve better.

While most small business can’t afford a daily catered lunch, as some large companies can, budgeting for a lunch at least a few times a month can make a huge difference in the work environment. It is an effective way to boost the morale and health of your employees, and ultimately productivity and success. Below, I offer you some ideas to consider, along with a few alternatives to the ubiquitous deli meat and cheese platters, which are sure to please.

Offer healthy, high quality meals

This doesn’t mean you should bring out the veggie platter and plate of bland chicken breast. No one really wants to eat that, even dieters. The benefits of eating a healthy lunch (and breakfast and dinner!) are innumerable. We all know this. Good, healthy food can boost your team’s productivity, alertness, and energy for the second half of the work day. Their (and your) usual fare may consist of a microwavable frozen dinner or fast food meal, which won’t properly sustain them through the day. So a healthy meal once in a while will do everyone some good.

Consider special diets

Vegetarian and restricted diets are becoming more and more prevalent, so consider this when choosing what to serve. Gluten and milk intolerances are afflicting a lot of people these days, but luckily the alternatives for wheat and dairy are improving and becoming more widely used. So ask your employees whether their diet needs special consideration and then do your best to make sure they have an enjoyable lunch too.

Have fun with it

The American palatehas become a worldlierone within the past decade. With food trucks and restaurants offering more diverse menus, people are becoming more eager to try new flavors and cuisines. Mix up the fare once in a while and get your employees input on what they would like to try.Let the lunch be a way for your team to relax a bit and get refreshed for the second half of the day.

Do breakfast instead

Breakfast is less expensive than lunch and is an effective way to make sure the day starts off right. Many people skip breakfast, usually for lack of time. So offer a healthy breakfast of fruit, yogurt, muffins, and of course coffee when they get to work. It will give them the energy boost they need to start a positive and productive day.

Richard Bracke is savvy in the kitchen and in business. Richard currently blogs and writes for EZ Cater, a company who specializes in corporate catering. Image courtesy Gareth Williams

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