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IMG_0774Building a brand is one of the most complicated processes in marketing, if not the most complicated one. It took decades for some companies to even reach the, let’s say, standard of a brand. Nevertheless, this is the ultimate goal – to make your product or service well-known to a wide audience all over the world. However, in order to reach the top, you simply have to start from the bottom. The rise of each and every company takes time, but if you think smart and if you plan everything accordingly, you might be one of the few that made it fast.

In the following piece of text, you will be able to see some actions that you should take in order to build brand awareness efficiently. The key here is to start local which means – if you build your brand in your hometown, the word will spread, particularly since we are living in a digital age.

Start with an online presence

It might be too big of an investment to create an entire website. A lot of things have to be taken care of and it might turn out to be too big of a burden. For a start, create a Facebook page and indulge some of your clients to like the page. It’s free. Create a little community on the web, be sure to post relevant and up-to-date content and watch your weekly reach spread. In the beginning, you will only be talking to your locals, but if you invest in a standard Facebook campaign, so that more people can come across your page.

The best part is that these things are not that expensive. Make sure you use your logo as your profile picture and a kind of company motto for the cover photo. Also, whatever it is you are doing, make sure you have images, since people love images. If you are selling products, post pictures of your products and if you are selling a service, be sure to post photos of you and your team. Again, people love images.

Improve your office

If you want to invest in something, you should invest in your working space. This will benefit you in two ways. First, you and your coworkers will feel more productive at work. Our surroundings have a high impact on our overall mood and if we like where we are, we will do the work better – simple as that. Second, when your clients visit your office, they will feel more secure if the office is well-organized, cozy and good-looking. So, start working on your office right away. No matter how good it looks, it can always be a bit better.

There are loads of interesting ideas to be explored here – a game room, a coffee machine, a lounge, a spa – but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Promo products

You should come across some tangible promotional products that you will hand out to your customers. These can be pretty simple things. For instance, promotional pens are a common thing to go for. You can print your logo on them, add some contact information and that’s it. Every time your customer wants to write something down, he or she will think of your establishment.
There are other forms of promo products as well. Aluminum water bottles are one example. First of all, these bottles are not thrown away ever, since they are very useful around the house. Secondly, they can be used creatively and you can really design them to be very eye-catching. Yet another option is non-woven promo bags – another useful thing to have around the house. When your clients go shopping for groceries, they will carry your logo around town and it is bound to get noticed.

As you can see, the starting point of brand building can be fun and innovative. What’s more, when you do get noticed, all your efforts will be worth it. If a musical band can build a brand (take the Rolling Stones for example), a law firm or a convenient store can also. You just have to start small and work your way up. If you make it locally, you will make it state-wise and, after that, the sky is the limit!

Author Bio ImageIvan Dimitrijevic is an experienced blogger who has his focus on writing about Inbound and Online marketing, Business Strategies and Work Organization for companies such as Pen Australia. Married and with a daughter, he enjoys blogging and strives to widen his influence sphere.

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