How the Chamber of Commerce has Helped my Business

cocJoining your local Chamber of Commerce can come with limitless possibilities and opportunities. Couple that with the fact that there are most likely several Chamber of Commerce organizations in your area alone, you are bound to find a Chamber where your business fits right in. Find out how these businesses have benefited from by joining their local Chamber of Commerce.
My local Chamber had a program designed to help small minority businesses be placed with a seasoned corporate executive for three years of mentorship. I believe that this program played a major part in my business’ future success. My mentor in the program was CEO of a credit union who forced me to NOT think small & mom/pop regarding services. Those sessions changed the very core of my businesses structure. Five Star Tax & Business Solutions developed Standard Operating Procedure for all processes and I was forced to work ON the business vs. IN the business once a week. I was able to witness some of the business decisions that her mentor had to make in his position and how that related to her own company. That experience was priceless! If more small businesses could experience a program like that with a dedicated mentor, it could significantly improve the success rates of small businesses.
Marquita Miller, Five Star Tax & Business Solutions
Member of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Being a member of the chamber has given me access to build relationships directly with the owners of other companies that are also chamber members. Its a great way to get in front of people quickly and cut through the long painful process of cold calling. Our membership to our chamber has paid for itself many times over through the connections I’ve been able to make. Being an ambassador is especially useful because many businesses are members, may not send someone to attend events, but will host ribbon cuttings. As an ambassador I regularly attend ribbon cuttings and have an opportunity to speak with business owners.
I strongly recommend chamber memberships to any business, especially in a B2B space.
Brian Gatti, Inspire Business Concepts
Member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

My local Chamber has provided numerous speaking opportunities over the years. As a veteran owned business, I have been highlighted several times with panel presentations and invitations to lead educational sessions. Most recently, the North Chamber asked me to represent them on a panel at a local Veteran Bootcamp conference with several hundred attendees. As a small business, you can’t buy that kind of exposure.
Leanne King, Seeking HR
Member of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

In 2007, my business was hit with a very serious crisis which could have shut our doors forever.  I reached out to the Chamber, who gave me a scholarship to go back to school and learn how to create a business plan.  In 2013 they recommended me to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program.  This program, with the creation of the accompanying Growth Plan has revolutionized how I do business at my spa. The Director of the UHCC, Francisco Sotelo, is always available to mentor and guide me in business decisions.  He has been doing so for over 7 years now. The UHCC has introduced me to other business owners and mentors who have helped me learn so much about running a business.  We also have monthly networking meetings that help my business to grow all the time.  The exposure we receive from the Chamber creates a level of trust within the community that we would not otherwise have.  The exposure also helps us to reach other businesses that can benefit from our services for their employees. In 2012 I received the “Business Women of the Year” award from the UHCC.  This was just another push from them to help my business grow.
Julieta Hernandez, Matrix Spa & Massage
Member of the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Two days after I joined the chamber I met the mayor at a chamber luncheon and made an appointment to meet with her staff. Within the month I had receptacles in city parks, remarkable in any city.
My company actually won small business of the year with under five employees and now is being featured in a nationwide magazine.
I suggest to anyone joining a chamber to get involved and network at every possible event.  Joining a chamber does not guarantee anything, you still have to put in the effort to get results back.
The Las Vegas metro chamber has proven themselves to be a very valuable asset to anyone doing business in the area; It’s also in the top three chambers in America.
Ken Beckstead, Butts Only Box
Member of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber

Our chamber reaches out for nominations each year for small and large size business awards. We nominated ourselves for the community outreach award and won! What we have found since this, although we have a small lucite plaque, this has already made a difference in who is willing to talk to us. We are looking to expand our business so having people take us seriously and see that we care about our community (a part of the mission statement) now seems more credible.
Margo Schlossberg, Steves Auto Repair
Member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce

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