Does it Pay To Be An Environmentally Friendly Business?

earMany large worldwide companies have become increasingly aware of the importance of being an environmentally friendly business. From plastic bag initiatives to committing to reducing carbon emissions, these businesses understand the growing interest the everyday consumer puts on being eco-friendly. Years ago there was a widespread apathy towards this but changing attitudes have been seized upon, however, does an eco-policy really make that much of a difference to profits or can it even hinder them.

The Issues

There has been a common consensus that world governments have slightly taken a back seat on the issue of sustainability and the environment (the sustainable development commission was axed in 2010 as part of Uk government spending cuts for example). Whilst governments around the world will always be dedicated to sustainability it can be difficult in times of financial strife, for obvious reasons. This means it is more difficult for small businesses to gain backing or grants from the government to allow them to be eco-friendly in the work place, whereas large companies are able to take matters into their own hands to some extent.

Large Companies

For large companies a large scale environmental plan is needed, the scale and costs of these plans almost unimaginable. So, are these large plans just a gesture completely disregarding the companies profits, no, they are carefully laid out plans capitalizing on the average consumer’s change in attitude towards the environment. In essence they are hoping that the vast majority of their potential customers are more likely to stop by if they display a sign saying ‘we’re doing our bit for the planet’. Thus hoping to maximize their profits, paying off the cost of the initial scheme and then some.

Small Businesses

What about small businesses, the biggest companies have the financial clout to make their calculated good dead, but is it too much of a gamble for small business owners. In some cases yes, but their are certain business sectors in which it very much pays to be eco-friendly. At A1 Clearances our customer testimonials are key to our business, many other small businesses are the same, online reputation can be the deal breaker. In specific industries small businesses can work with reputable firms to increase their eco-friendliness and ultimately their overall reputation. By working with the ‘Environment Agency’ A1 Clearances are able to put customers at ease by stating all our practices are above board and legal. It’s a similar reassurance policy as the big businesses schemes.

Cutting Down On Waste

It can also pay to be eco-friendly directly for some businesses. The simple act of cutting down on waste has to be applied by religiously. Landfills are a major eyesore and a major methane producer so waste must be minimized at all times, it should also be minimized for the simple reason that it will save you money. It’s a simple equation buy less, waste less, save money. No matter on what scale, waste should be minimized in every business. Plastic is a major waste culprit and offices and workplaces should offer plastic recycling facilities, and workers should reuse plastic bottles or use glasses and mugs instead. These are all very simple steps that don’t cost much at all.

So, whereas large businesses can afford to commit themselves to large-scale environmental plans, small businesses have to try use reputable firms, certified agencies, and government schemes to tell potential customers that they are committed to being eco-friendly in the workplace. Nowadays, it pays for a business to be environmentally friendly because the majority of the population are environmentally conscious.

Robert Duckers works with A1 Clearances, a UK-based domestic clearance & removals business.

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  1. There are plenty of benefits to running an eco friendly business, trying to work towards the paperless office for example.

    Going paperless helps businesses cut the costs of printing, saves trees and also saves on bulky office filing cabinets.


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