How Social Media is Revolutionizing the Small Business World

likeUndoubtedly, the emergence of social media has not left anyone indifferent, revolutionizing the way we communicate in our day to day, as well as the way we acquire and share information.

These channels have progressively been making an appearance to the point that they have been integrated into our daily lives and routines, especially through the development of mobile technology. Thus, it is difficult for a notification on Facebook to go unnoticed; we keep abreast of the latest news today thanks to Twitter, or our professional network LinkedIn is ever extending.

This activity inevitably impacts on companies which, voluntarily or not, are submerged in this maelstrom of messages, comments, publications and requests from customers. So, you need to ride the wave and take advantage downwind to redirect the company’s strategy towards the new course of events.

These are the fundamental ways in which social media have come to revolutionize the business world:

Equal opportunities between large and small firms are proposed

In social networks all participants have the same ability to be heard. Trust and try to please customers is the backbone of social media, but in order to achieve the impact on the public and take the jackpot is necessary to emphasize striking and unique proposals.
When a brand stands out usually gets to win the approval of the public, and they will contribute to spread the campaign left and right through the word of mouth online. Therefore, success in social media is not dependent on astronomical budgets, but a firm commitment to be different and add value.

Borders no longer exist

Social Media doesn’t understand about architectural barriers, or distinguish between countries or beliefs, it just spreads everywhere. This is a great advantage for brands that are able to extend their expertise beyond their immediate area. A revolution that can extend the market, open a door to internationalization, and extension of the brand’s reach.

The new paradigm imposes a customer-centric strategy

The main change observed following the explosion of social media is the democratization of communication. Thanks to them, customers finally have a voice and do not hesitate to exercise this right at the minimum rate.

Therefore, companies must not only respect this new empowerment, but work hard to use it for their own benefit, based on growing satisfied customers. Thus the new order imposes a comprehensive strategy based on customer satisfaction, in order to reverse this positive attitude on brand image, customer trust and loyalty.

The change must occur from the top

In a connected age, where you can connect directly with any person , customers want to know who is behind each brand, what shape is the main architect of that service or product you find it so useful. Interpret it as a way to convey confidence, show closeness and facilitate rapprochement between the brand and its audience. Therefore, CEOs cannot stay out longer, but must leave the arena and meet the request of the masses. This is a vocational act on behalf of the company, demonstrating a real concern for serving their clients, putting into practice the philosophy of their own company.

joseJose Capelo has extensive experience in the field of small business marketing. He is the editor of Marketing Query where he shares news stories for small business and entrepreneurs. He is also passionate about wine and loves all things digital.

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