Personalization is the Most Effective Mobile Marketing Technique

IMG_1120Mobile is the dominant marketing channel; with an open rate of 98%, it has established itself well above email marketing. Mobile marketing provides us with many opportunities to target, from apps and SMS advertising to designing a mobile friendly website. However, as there are lots of options for a business to choose from, you need to come up with a good strategy that will not only achieve your company’s goals but will establish a good customer relationship.

Personalization is the most effective way to achieve these mobile marketing results as it breaks down communication barriers with your clients and helps you achieve relevant results.

Here are five ways you can use personalization in your strategy:

    • Geofencing – location based marketing.
      This is the best method if you plan to send offers to your customers. You can use geofencing to find out where your customers are based and send offers based on their location. If times right, it can work beautifully. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine you were walking near your favorite clothes shop. Just as you take a step past, your phone pings with a 20% voucher code. It’s really a no brainer and geofencing can help with that. Targeting your customers at relevant times, using location based marketing, will help you convert your leads.
      This also works well in apps; location based targeting can be used to help customers find their nearest shop. It is useful for them as well as good for you.

  • Use the customer’s first name.
    When sending an SMS to your customer’s, address them by their first name. It’s a simple thing to do but it breaks down the brand/consumers relationships and puts you on an informal level. It doesn’t costs as much as you think too. You can personalize bulk SMS services quite easily; and in turn it adds a personal touch which will no doubt impress your customer.
  • App choices.
    In your app, provide a setting so your user can choose what content they actually see. They see the content they want, that is relevant to them and they are more likely to convert.
  • Opt out.
    It has been reported that most consumer’s welcome SMS advertisements but you should still allow them to opt out of your services. Include details on how they can do this at the end of your message. The choice to do will mean a lot to your customer.
  • Follow ups.
    When using SMS services as part of your mobile marketing strategy, you shouldn’t just send one text every now and again. You need to build a relationship through SMS and in turn this will achieve some brand loyalty between you and your customer. Rather than sending offers over and over again, send a ‘thank you for your service’ SMS. Send different types of content including images and jokes as well as offers. SMS is a very intimate service which explains the large open rate. Don’t waste such a large opportunity. Send different content to your users and build up a relationship.

There are many mobile marketing options available but personalization works across mobile and achieves more results. Tailoring your services to each individual customer, whether its location based or you simply use their first name, helps establish a relationship with your clientele and in turn rewards you with brand loyalty.

Assistant Marketing Manager, Hannah, develops and delivers the marketing strategy for Esendex, who are SMS specialists. Her daily duties find her delving into search engine marketing, spending time on social media, spreading her knowledge with readers on the company blog and compiling company reports.

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