5 Types of Mail Your Business Needs To Be Sending

mailTo get the most out of your business marketing mail, you should have a well-organized mailing schedule and a range of different types of mail. Ideally, you should be sending mail regularly enough to build and maintain a strong customer relationship but not so often that your customers feel inundated. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective mailing strategies to attract new leads and foster loyalty among existing customers.

Welcome Mail

Most businesses these days send out a welcome message to new mailing list subscribers and it’s a great way to set out what new customers can expect from your business. Tell your customers what your future mails will contain – such as informative articles, advice or special offers – and how often they can expect to receive them. Offering a discount or sending a small gift to new subscribers is also a good way to start building your relationship with the customer, and make sure they keep opening future mails by promising special subscriber-only offers. Be sure to send out your welcome message as soon as possible after the customer has subscribed to demonstrate how much you value their custom and interest in the business.


Newsletters are longer mails that you should send out once or twice a month if possible. Unlike promotional mails, which are more about selling, newsletters are designed to inform, educate and build a rapport with your subscribers. A typical newsletter might include a press release as well as important announcements about products and services, new business practices or changes in management. If your business is involved in hosting or participating in an upcoming event or seminar, use your newsletter to let customers know the details in advance. Appropriate and well-presented images will help to keep your newsletter interesting for readers, as will the inclusion of ‘how to’ articles or other pieces of valuable advice.

Promotional Mail

Promotional mails are used to draw customers’ attention to a new or limited offer in order to generate sales. However, you should always make sure the offer is compelling enough to genuinely entice readers. Keep your promotions fresh by not repeating past offers (or not regularly, at least!) and don’t send out promotional mails too frequently – once or twice a month is more than adequate. In addition, you might want to try out different kinds of offers to see which are most popular among subscribers. For example, drawing your customers’ attention to a unique seasonal item may generate more interest than simply offering a set discount off all items.

Feedback Mail

Asking your subscribers for feedback is another good way of showing your customers you value their opinions as well as their business. When a customer buys something from you, send a thank you message which includes a request for feedback. The more you can find out about your specific customers’ likes and dislikes, customs and habits, the better you will be able to tailor content and services to suit their needs.

Holiday and Anniversary Mail

Holidays or significant dates such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas or the first day of summer are a perfect excuse to show your customers you’re thinking of them. Of course, you can always boost the holiday spirit with a special offer or discount, especially if you can tie it in to the occasion being celebrated, such as offering a romantic dinner, chocolates or a spa service for Valentine’s Day. You should also make a note of the date a new subscriber signs up and send a tailor-made ‘anniversary mail’ – together with a special discount – a few months later.

Sending your subscribers a dedicated mail rather than relying on impersonal emails will help to build the right kind of relationship with your customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Personalized messages – along with more traditional promotional mails and newsletters – help to create a human connection with the customer and make them feel special. Maintaining an existing customer base is easier – and cheaper – than trying to replace lost customers, so it’s worth investing in a thorough marketing mail strategy that lets your most valued customers know how important they are to you.

Melanie is a business content writer, offering marketing tips and advice to small businesses. For more information on business mailing see http://www.themailingroom.com
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  1. These are great for any business. With the popularity of online, some of these traditional forms get neglected. However, a newsletter can be great for any blogger to increase or maintain traffic to their site.

  2. These are great for any kind of business. With the popularity of online business, some of these traditional forms get neglected. However, a newsletter can be great for any blogger to increase or maintain traffic to their site.

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