7 Essential Tips for Business Writers

IMG_1047Business writing may in most cases prove very tough and difficult. The explanation of financial analysis, business plans and development require some principles in editing. These principles form a guide to proper business writing. Editing requires a few witty tips that we shall focus on. They provide the guidance to ensuring that you avoid confusion and have a proper flow of ideas through the paper. We shall look at the various tips that will give an insight of great business writing.

1. Create a Point of View

This approach is looking at a particular topic with a ‘you attitude’. This helps to emphasize on what is needed. Example: You will receive the money today.

2. Be limited on use of Preposition

The overuse of prepositions weakens your writing. This heavily contributes to the wordiness of the business writing making it loose its magnitude. Example; “It came in at the right noon.” The prepositions ‘at’ and ‘in’ have been misused. The correct sentence should read, “It came at noon.”

3. Write in the Active Form

According to professional writers at Solid Essay, writing in the active voice makes the writing more concise, direct and also makes it much easier to understand. This, however, should be used appropriately in the right context. Example: Instead of writing, “Your letter was received on May 1” you should write, “We received your letter on May 1.”

4. Cut the Muddle

This means avoiding use of unnecessary phrases and expressions that may distract the reader. This can be shelved by using key words that give the sentence meaning. Example: It is much easier saying, “thank you for accepting to meet me.” This makes it easy to know that you are appreciative rather than write too many words that end up distorting the entire meaning.

5. Use Vocabulary Appropriately

Proper use of vocabulary is important as it enriches the language used. However, it is important to understand the kind of vocabularies you are using. At all times, avoid using jargon words to try and impress your reader, most are the times when these words are synonymous with other words that have different meanings all together.

6. Flow of Ideas

There may be so many important things you would wish to say in a single paragraph. It is important, though, to limit each and every paragraph to a single idea or point. This will help have a good flow of ideas in each and every step. Most importantly, avoid very long sentences in your paragraphs. This will ensure that you avoid the common mistakes, especially in punctuation and the active and passive voice interchange. You have to be mindful of the reader of the paper; you should make it easy for them to understand you.

7. Avoid Stacking Modifiers

This means piling up modifiers just before the nouns. It causes a verbal traffic jam that puzzles the reader. The long nouns may seem to save on words to be used, but may not be necessarily appropriate.

Business writing requires keenness in ensuring that you are able to avoid the common mistakes mentioned above. These points give the very imperative tips that will help you in writing your paper.

Author bio: Ben works as a Chief Editor at SolidEssay.com, which provides college essay help as well as dissertation assistance to high school and university students.

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