Finding Your Next Contract

When unemployment hit rock bottom a few years ago, few people credited that it would battle back so strongly in the post-recession climate. A lot of that success is down to the rising popularity of self-employment, and more UK residents are now working for themselves than ever before. Needless to say, that’s done wonders for the employment statistics, and plenty of people have found working as a contractor to be one of the best career moves to make at the moment. However, even though demand for contractors in areas such as the IT sector is booming, finding the next contract isn’t always so straightforward, so take a look at our brand new infographic to see some tips of the trade!
ICS is a dedicated team of contractor accountants who spends their days assisting contractors with a variety of accountancy, administrative and payroll concerns, and they certainly know a thing or two about achieving success in the world of contracting! Even when you’ve cracked the process of finding the next contract, though, there’ll always be a need to take the stress out of the accounting and administration side of things.
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  1. I’m afraid of getting fired and your article gave me a little more confidence to get my new job.
    I think I’d better look for something while I have a job than after I’m already.

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