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Fingerprint Marketing

Fingerprint Marketing

Owner/Founder: Pia Larson

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Q. Tell us about the evolution of Fingerprint Marketing. Where did you start in growing your business and how did the marketing company that we see today come to be?

Fingerprint Marketing came about after I decided to move out of the Corporate Marketing world for two reasons…to be the creator of my own future success and to help small businesses realize their potential using the goldmine of marketing tools available to them today. The company grew due to our loyal client following and the way we’ve nurtured our clients(we are considered the marketing hand holders in the industry). With so many options out there for small businesses, you need a coach/a manager/a guide to lead you through the trenches so you are getting the best marketing return on your investment. I also think that the business has grown because small businesses realize they deserve special creative attention and individual “fingerprint” marketing that the big boys get but at a reasonable price.

Q. How many employees do you have and how did you come about finding them?

I have a virtual team of about four people, a developer, a writer, a photographer and a SEO strategist. My developer who has been with me for two years has been a friend of my family for 10 years and I trust him to support me and my business. My writer, photographer and SEO strategist were found through my many networking contacts and through an extensive search and a lot of filtering.

Q. Who are your clients and why do they use you?

My clients range from small to medium sized businesses, from Washington State to New York city, from restaurants to hospitals, from surfboard manufacturers to Foundations. From what our clients tell us, they chose Fingerprint Marketing because of the accessibility, our hand holding, our creative and unique designs, and the variety of services we offer so they can keep all their marketing under one roof.

Q. How do you choose what services to market?

I choose the core services that most small businesses require to invest in their success which primarily include 1) their branding strategy, 2) their print material and 3) their online web and social media presence.

Q. What are some of the out-of-the box ways you market your own business?

My daughter hand fingerprinted a series of greeting cards for the company that we’re launching this winter starting with Thanksgiving to show how unique we CAN be. I also love video and jump on the opportunities to talk with my favorite vendors   I also freely share marketing tips online at as well as other active networking channels.

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking at or just getting into online marketing?

Learn the basics and get a good education in the core design and online marketing principles. Read, read, read, study, study, study. You have to digest and weed through a ton of info and decide what is right for your company and your clients and find ways to get really good at what you do.

Q. Where do you see Fingerprint Marketing in 5 years?

I would love to be involved in more packaging design for print and then more video integration into our web design as well as create fun new interactive sites using HTML5.

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