6 German Startups Making Waves in 2017

You’ll be aware of Germany’s reputation for engineering, but its newfound startup prowess may have passed you by. Research suggests that Berlin is now Europe’s 2nd largest startup destination after London, and the balance is […]

Wild Friends Nut Butter Interview

Yesterday I had the privilege of guest hosting a show for Young Female Entrepreneurs. I was super excited about it because I’ve interviewed many Shark Tank Entrepreneurs and this was another great one, with a […]

Wreck-a-Mend Small Business Profile

Wreck-a-Mend Auto Body Owner/Founder: Ty & Michelle Grant Website: www.wreckamend.biz  Facebook Page   Q. Tell us about the evolution of your business. Where did you start in growing your business and how did the business that […]

Itchy Dog Productions Small Business Profile

Itchy Dog Productions Founder: Kirk Werner Website: http://www.ItchyDogProductions.com Facebook | Twitter: @olivewoollybugr Kirk Werner, owner of Itchy Dog Productions and author and illustrator of the Olive the Woolly Bugger books appeared on the Small Businesses […]

CRAVE Company Small Business Profile

Crave Company Founder: Melody Biringer Website: http://www.theCRAVEcompany.com Facebook | Twitter: @CRAVEcompany Melody Biringer, founder of the CRAVE company appeared on the Small Businesses Do It Better Show, episode 3 (watch the show on Ovaleye.tv) on […]

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