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Itchy Dog Productions

Founder: Kirk Werner
Facebook | Twitter: @olivewoollybugr

Kirk Werner, owner of Itchy Dog Productions and author and illustrator of the Olive the Woolly Bugger books appeared on the Small Businesses Do It Better Show, episode 4 (watch the show on on Using Your Network to Grow Your Brand.

Q) Can you share some history with how Olive came to be and where the name came from?

A woolly bugger is a widely know and used fly fishing lure and Olive is a popular color for a woolly bugger, and my own favorite color.  Olive is also a good name for a character, so Olive the Woolly Bugger was created.

Q) How did the process go in turning this character into a book series?

I had been an author and illustrator and thought my characters could best be written out by myself. I was passionate and knew enough about this topic that the next logical step would be to write a book.

Q) And how did the movie idea come about?

Well anyone can make a movie. Writing a book is hard, creating a movie is punishing. Nonetheless, this is a good character, a unique story that is both educational and engaging.

Q) You are so resourceful and have really reached out to get your movie created. Tell us about how you’ve gotten into contact with these big hollywood names and tell us about the “unknown” call you chose not to answer.

I began by researching A-list celebrities who are fly fishermen, I then researched and contacted them about the movie.  One day I received a call and the caller i.d. said “unknown” so I chose not to answer it. Up popped a voicemail notification so I listened to it. It was Henry Winkler, who graciously declined my offer, but I saved the message from the Fonz.

Q) I love that you use cleverness and humor in your social media – you have quite a following! What are some ways you have used out of the box ideas to gain interest in fishing, a topic that may not appeal to everyone (or women)?

Look beneath the surface, this industry is full of very passionate people. Social media makes connecting with people in every community very easy.

Q) What advice can you give to any business who wants to go from a thought or idea and turn it into a character like Olive, with a blog, huge social media following, a book series and a movie in the works?

If you are passionate about your brand or what you want your brand to be, you will be successful.

Watch the full episode of “Use Your Network to Grow Your Brand” on the Small Businesses Do It Better Show, including all of the links and resources mentioned, at watch the show here on

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