Small Business Profile: Julie Austin Photography

julie austin photographyJulie Austin Photography

Owner: Julie Austin
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How did you first get your business off the ground?

I like promoting, so I made myself my client. I knew I had to support myself financially so I quickly got serious about making my business successful.

If you could explain to us why photography and imagery is so important when branding or marketing your business.

The way you choose to market your business is important because this is the first impression people get of you. If you have a mediocre look, you’ll be perceived as a mediocre business. Your marketing does not need to be expensive, just well thought out. Have a unified look throughout.

What are some of your most favorite uses of photography in corporate marketing or a company’s marketing plan?

Apple, J. Crew, Got Milk, Budweiser. Budweiser is iconic; You think of them whenever you see a clydesdale.

If a business wanted to use photography in their marketing how would you suggest they get started?

Look at what you are trying to get across, what you’re trying to sell and see how the product or service can best be highlighted in a positive, new, fresh way.

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