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DZS Savvy Event Planning & Design Co.

Owner/Founder: Stephanie A. Watson

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Q. Tell us about the evolution of DZS Savvy Event Planning & Design Co. Where did you start in growing your business and how did the business that we see today come to be?

I began my company in 1996 as an entrepreneur at the age of 26 working to enhance and make the wedding industry in Michigan one of epic proportion.  I further developed companies that were branches from DZS to serve the needs of my clients nationwide via event planner trainings, business consulting, marketing and pr, decorating, floral design and event management and productions for all events, conferences and expos. To date I have over 5 businesses and celebrate 15 years in business.

Q. How many employees do you have and how did you come about finding them?

I have contractual employees that work with me in various capacities. I often have people that take my trainings and workshops to be an event planner of work in the fields of marketing and promotions that will transition into contractual employees after their training and internships are completed. When I have a variety of contractual employees I keep the momentum high with new faces, ideas and energy.

Q. Who are your clients and why do they work with you?

My clients are people that want a quality, no-nonsense company that will get the job done whether it is from planning a small and intimate event to a gala or wedding or from planning or promotion of a fundraiser to a signature launch party. The chose me because of my proven track record for creativity, versatility and innovative strategies.

Q. How do you choose what services to offer within your brand?

My services are chosen based on a needs-based concept. I select the services I offer based upon what the trend is that will remain for a while where I can add my touch of flair or unique style to it. My brand is distinctive and recognized, therefore I use that to benefit me as I explore innovative services or an existing service that can offer a ” twist ” to capture the client’s attention.

Q. What are some of the out-of-the box ways you market your business?

Specialty events and client specific services. I conduct a session to really get to know my clients and then infuse their personality or company vision within the event, training or service. If you ” Know” your client you will know what to do.

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking at or just getting into a consulting/planning type of business?

I would advise them to be professional trained and be sure to determine their niche because there are so many “planners” that they have to have commitment, a “stand ” out product or service and a true desire to succeed. They must be willing to invest financially in their business via marketing, branding, training and development and investment of marketing materials via professionals. It is not good to try to start of without a “start up ” budget. A planner/ coordinator or consultant is an entrepreneur and all entrepreneurs need to be ” well-versed” in their trade or talent. It is imperative to plan and then start a business not do both at the same time. It takes time and dedication to stay in the industry that is saturated. Ask yourself  ” Why would anyone pay me to be their planner? ” Then, if they are ready to put their all into it the right way: go for it. Do understand that event planning should be handled as a company and not as a hobby. Thus, it must be run with all departments- marketing, sales, accounts receivable and training and development ! A great training resource for novice, established or aspiring planners is

Q. Where do you see DZS Savvy Event Planning & Design Co. in 5 years?

DZS will be traveling worldwide educating, inspiring and invigorating planners, entrepreneurs and business owners via speaking engagements, consulting and trainings. Additionally, we will be working more with promotions, publicity and marketing of events, companies and expos nationwide. 1996-2011- DZS Celebrates 15 years

DZS Savvy Event Planning & Design Co.

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