Should Small Businesses use Social Media or Email Marketing?

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Small businesses that combine email marketing with social media marketing are more successful with their marketing campaigns than those who use email alone, according to new data from Constant Contact®, Inc. “Use email to communicate with your current customers and social media to reach new customers”.

Constant Contact examined results data from small businesses and nonprofits that have combined their email marketing with social media marketing to those using only email marketing. Key findings include:

  • Faster list growth: From June 2010 through August 2011, those using both social media and email marketing saw 14.43 percent list growth, while those using only email marketing saw 8.96 percent list growth.
  • Larger average list size: Those using both tactics have email lists that are 53 percent larger on average than their email-only counterparts.
  • Higher click-through rates: The average click-through rate for those using both email and social media marketing was 59.3 basis points higher than for those using email only.

Read the article in it’s entirety at Constant Contact

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  1. Small Businesses that use both social media marketing and email marketing tend to grow faster. SMM Panels can also help these businesses to grow faster and effectively gain business.

  2. Small Business website never fails to leave us astonished with such mind blowing articles. It covers the quintessential aspects of social media marketing. By far the best article I’ve ever read!! Social Media enhances one’s digital presence. In the current era, Digital Marketing is everything. Thank You for the lovely article!!

  3. Small businesses these days must use both the platform i.e social media and email marketing. Building an email list these days definitely help brands in growing their online presence as they can reach out to their connection and convert them over mail.

  4. Great piece of content and yes it is very important to indulge your social media account with website design as it will drive more traffic. SMM Panels also help you to get more traffic and followers so as to make it easy to grow.

  5. Yes, I completely agree with your statement. Whether Business is small or large. They need social media as well as email marketing both.

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