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Nancy Meadows Interior Design & Consulting

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Q. Tell us about the evolution of your business. Where did you start in growing your business and how did the business that we see today come to be?

After 10 years of having interior design as a hobby, 3 yrs. ago I decided to get serious and truly make design my life’s work. Starting with the development of a website and progressing on with social media, I’m still a work in progress.

Q. How many employees do you have and how did you come about finding them?

I have no employees. I work with 3 virtual assistants (one being my bookkeeper.) I will add va’s as needed.

Q. Who are your clients and why do they work with you?

My clients are Baby Boomer women and early retirees facing life transitions that directly affect how they live in their home. They hire me because I can relate to them and solve their problems.

Q. How do you choose what services to offer within your brand?

I choose services that I am passionate about and what my clients need from me.

Q. What advice would you give to someone looking at or just getting into your type of business?

The advice I would give to someone entering the field of interior design, is to first understand that the business of interior design is marketing, not design. You can be the best designer in the world and if you are not known, you don’t have a business. Design has changed over the last few yrs., and no longer is it enough to get jobs through word-of-mouth. It never will be again. The other critical factor is to understand and use social media in a strategic way. I don’t believe any business can do well without it.

Q. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 yrs.? On a beach somewhere working my business!! My goal is to be able to do my design work from anywhere in the world through leveraging and online design.

Nancy Meadows Interior

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  1. I loved this article, I have a established brick and mortar business but my website is very new and was built after clients
    literally begged me to have one. I like your list of white hat tactics, things I can do without jeopardizing the good reputation I have
    already. thank you

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