Are Customers Pinterest-ed in Your Business?

Ovaleye PinterestPinterest is the newest social network on the block and is now within the top 10. This new platform opens up some serious visual marketing possibilities for businesses of any size.

Pinterest’s purpose is to “pin” your interests on virtual bulletin boards. You create different pinboards and pin items on each board. As you can see above, some of Ovaleye’s pinboards consist of “Small Business”, “Books worth Reading”, and “For the Home Office”. Each board contains many photos that have been pinned on it.

When you login to Pinterest, you see a Facebook like newsfeed of all of the photos recently pinned by the people you follow. People can re-pin your images to their boards, like them, comment, and re-share on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

How does this help your business? For one, potential customers who follow you can really see your business brand, the people behind it and really get to know you. For another, show images of the products or services you offer. If you only offer services, you can share images with bold typography and people using your services.  If you sell products, then pin them! This is an amazing marketing tool! While you’re at it, pin images of your office, team members, and so on.

One more thing to pin is who you’re affiliated with. If you are an affiliate, promote the companies you refer people to. You can also promote causes, such as non-profits you contribute to, support or want to raise awareness for.

You can find Ovaleye on Pinterest too!

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