The Best Apps for Small Businesses

Taking Care O' BusinessApps for your mobile device are worth their weight in gold. Sometimes they are tricky to find the exact one you prefer, but once you do your life becomes so much more efficient, productive and mobile!

Bria iPhone Edition– The Mobile VoIP SIP Softphone with Video, SMS, IM and Presence

This is a fabulous app to take your VoIP phone number with you wherever you go. The Ovaleye team has tried several VoIP apps and we all love this one. Couple this with the VoIP Phone Package and you’re ready to take your office where ever you go.

Hootsuite for Twitter

A very powerful social media network platform, but not limited to Twitter. You Hootsuite login works on both your computer and your smartphone, which makes it easy to use it from anywhere.  Update your Facebook status, tweet, post to many other social networks – or schedule an update.


Manage your WordPress blog or website from your device. This app is powerful enough to do the important tasks when you need to; access posts, pages, format text, insert images, and plenty more.


A file sharing app with a web based login so you can access your ‘dropped’ files from your device or computer. The free account comes with a generous storage allotment.


Listen to your book when you have some downtime, are at the gym, in your car – nearly anywhere. This is a fabulously organized audiobook super library.


Share your photos on a social network with style. Instagram easily adds effects to your photos and makes it fast and easy to share images, while also have an album of all of your photos.

Log Me In

Allows you to access your home office computer from your iPhone. This is great if you forget a file or need to access something that was not planned for.

Dragon Dictation

A voice recognition that translates to text – you can use for emails, blog posts, etc., then email the translation to yourself or someone else.


When individual social media apps aren’t enough, the complete Facebook app allows much more access to your account. Its also a great way to keep tabs on whats going on while you’re out.


Pinterest is a newly popular online hobby of many. Simply put, you ‘pin’ you ‘interests’ on a virtual pinboard.


I have found that Netflix being this convenient is quite dangerous! Having the ability to watch the Netflix library of movies and television in the palm of your hand is amazing!

The core of this list was originally created by Ovaleye and featured on SOHO Insights (episode 26)

Image Courtesy: Gui Seiz
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