How to Secure a Loan to Start a Business

Money Hand Holding Bankroll Girls February 08, 20117The out of the box business idea that you have in your mind might be tough to realize because of the start-up budget constraints. And, only if you could get the required help in the form of a small business loan to kick start your business, you feel you could do wonders. Well, there are umpteen possibilities and it is just a matter of choosing the best available funding option that suits your requirements. The difficult part; However, is how you go about securing these loans. The answer is, by taking a planned approach.

After the recession financial institutions have made the loan sanctioning procedures a little rigid and therefore the applicants are carefully scrutinized and even the slightest discrepancy in the credit worthiness could render the loan application rejected. Thus, extra care should be taken in preparing and presenting the loan application to the banks and prospective financial authorities.

The first step towards securing a start-up loan is to prepare a business plan. A well written business plan stating the nature of the business, funds required, budget allocation, future projections and profitability should be accompanied with the loan application. The loan officers would only consider your application if they have faith in the success of your business idea and they will appreciate if you tell them how their funds would be utilized.

Once you have your business plan ready you can explore multiple start-up funding options for you small business setup. You might even raise the required amount from multiple options if a single source of funding does not meet the complete finance. It is not at all bad idea to mix and fix your budgetary deficits. Deciding upon the type of loan you wish to seek is very important. A wrong choice might push you into a quagmire of financial instability in the long run.

Depending on the type and nature of business various options can be ploughed into. You might want to consider friends & family, angel investors or traditional banks, non-traditional sources etc. Federal government’s SBA (Small Business Administration), committed towards the promotion and development of small businesses in the country, and is a very good option for procuring loan guarantees. They come with low rate of interests and easy repayment options. The banks extend small business loans on the guarantees provided by the SBA on behalf of the loan seekers.

There are numerous banks and traditional lending institutions where you can apply for a start-up loan. The process of application has become easy with the advent of internet portals for these institutions. So, if you have a good credit history and your idea seems lucrative enough to earn these investors a handsome profit, they would not hesitate in sanctioning your loan proposal.

Thus, if your business plan emanates the vibe to grow and generate profits in the long run, securing a start-up business loan should not be a problem. Banks and other financial institutions would readily extend the much needed financial assistance for your start-up venture.

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Raj TulsanRaj Tulsan is a small business consultant who has experience and expertise in handling business operations. He contributes with daily blogs and articles and does intense research by conducting interviews and on the spot news collection. More info about small business loans

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  1. Good article, Raj. A good, solid business plan is really important and something that should be given careful consideration. Most importantly, showing the lender your business ability to generate revenue and produce a profit as well as showing your own personal investment in the business along with your business plan should give a good chance of securing finance.


  2. In anyone take benefits of secured loans then first he should have to prepare their business plan. Type of business,funds requirements and future plans are part of their business plan. Secured loan company gives you loan according to your business plan.Time duration is also an important factor in loans and other things relates to secured loans clear your queries above article in very practical way.

  3. Good post, Raj. The business plan is the only thing one should spent their time in before borrowing loan. If the business growth ideas are legitimate enough than it could be easier to repay the loans.

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