A Brand New Gadget to Help any Small Business

This year at CES (Consumer Electronic’s Show) there was one great new product introduced to the market that can really benefit small businesses.  Many small businesses are slowly trickling into video marketing (which is great), but where most hesitation occurs or where most skill is lacking is the absence of a person to shoot the video. Swivl takes care of this problem.

Swivl, which fills the need of a cameraman when shooting videos, is quickly and easily hooked up your iPhone. Your iPhone is used as the camera and the person on camera holds the “marker” in hand. The Swivl pivots to follow the direction of the “marker” you are holding, keeping you on camera. This also has a built in microphone, which follows your direction as the device swivels.  The other major feature is that the “marker” has controls to begin and end recording as well as pivot the base. Available now for iPhone, coming soon for Android. www.Swivl.com

Check out the Swivl in action:

Original article: Top 7 CES Gadgets for Your Small Business.

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