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newsletterEvery small business really should be utilizing email marketing by now. There are so many free and low cost options, that are very easy to use, there really is no reason why you should not be sending out email marketing campaigns.  All email marketing services also offer coding to quickly and easily put on your website or Facebook page to acquire subscribers. These are a few good tips, followed by an episode on the The Small Businesses Do it Better Show on email marketing.

Customized Design: You’ve put time and money into your business logo and branding, and your email marketing campaign should match all of your other marketing materials. Having a custom layout can really pay off in more than one way: readers will be captured by your branding, read more of the email, click on links, which in turn converts into more website visitors and sales. You can even have more than one design, think about having different layouts for monthly newsletters, memos, specials, be creative!

Actionable Content: Be choosy on the content you select for your campaigns. You want the content to be intriguing, leaving them wanting to know more and have to click on that link. Plan the campaign so the content all works together, highlighting your services, events, specials, news in a positive yet informative light.

The Small Businesses Do it Better Show has also done an epsiode on email marketing. Ann Marie Gill of Cascade Valley designs talks about email marketing services, customization, also mobile marketing. Check it out:

Full article: Business Blogs » Blog Archive » 5 Tips for Using Email Marketing to Boost Your Business.
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