What Chick Flicks Can Teach Us About Running a Business

What Chick Flicks Can Teach Us About Running a BusinessEveryone watches “chick flicks”, laughs, cries, and watches them over and over again, but how often can you say you really take in a lesson and learn something? I suppose I’m a typical chick flick viewer, having seen each of these movies a countless number of times I could practically write out the script.  I thought I’d put a new spin on them. These multi-million dollar movies can actually teach us something that we can apply in life, or, in business. These are a few from my collection of favorites:

The Notebook

Find what you love to do and stay with it. If your work is truly something that you love doing, then making it through all of the difficult times and making your business last will make it that much easier, and that much sweeter.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sometimes life’s paths take you off of your course of destination, which may work for you. During times of uncertainty or life altering decisions, the road may take you back to your original destination.  Whichever the path, know that you can always choose the other one if needed.

The Devil Wears Prada

Make the best of any situation. You may be completely out of your element and speaking a different language, but you ended up here for a reason. Take what you’ve got, absorb everything you can and apply it.  Oh, and look damn good while you’re doing it ;)

Pretty Woman

Shoot for the stars! You may have big goals, but you can reach them.  You never know who the person next to you is, or who they know. When you come across someone who is in the path to reaching your goal, don’t be afraid to ask for their help or guidance. If you don’t pursue it at all, it won’t happen.

Dirty Dancing

Everyone has a little rebellion within. If you know you need to step outside of your regular routine to reach your dream, do it. There’s uncomfortableness and learning curves, but if you want it bad enough, you will reach your goal. And don’t let anyone put you in a corner ;)

Legally Blonde 2

There will always be people in the world who are willing to walk over you while stabbing you in the back to get to where they want to be. At times, it may seem like biting our tongue is the most difficult thing to do, but you can prevail. Take the higher ground and prove to yourself that you can reach your goal with good morals and ethics.

The American President

Business has a ton, of sometimes unfortunate, politics. These can really put a damper on things and also spark controversy, making it quite difficult to make progress. Ultimately, everyone needs to be honest with themselves and come to an agreement with one another.  Everything can be worked out, it may be terribly painful to get through this process, but we must do this to stay sane and continue on.

You’ve Got Mail

At the end of the day, business is business. It may end up that there is not room for everyone in a particular industry or geographic area.  If its not going to work then work together to help each other out.  You may be able to collaborate and create something even better to share between the both of you.

Morning Glory

Prove everyone wrong. If someone tells you that you absolutely cannot reach a goal, that’s all the more reason to try harder. You know deep down whether or not you’ve got what it takes to really get to where you want. If you know in your heart you have “it” then push as hard as you can, exhaust every opportunity and turn everything around and upside down until you reach that goal.

What do you think – what chick flicks have taught you some lessons in business?

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