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small businesses do it better LIVEIncase you’re new to the Small Businesses Do It Better community, I’d like to extend the invitation to join other small business owners and myself to the Live Stream of the Small Businesses Do It Better Show this Tuesday. The show is live every Tuesday at 7pm PST/10pm EST at Each episode includes an interview with a small business owner or industry expert and I also feature a small businesses product. During the Live Stream feel free to use the live chat (on this same page) and introduce yourself to other business owners and viewers who are watching. The live chat is also used to ask me questions, which I relay to the guest live on the show. FUN!

In addition to the Live Stream on Tuesdays, every episode of the show is available to download on iTunes – watch on video or listen to on MP3. While you’re on iTunes, go ahead and subscribe to the channel and if you’ve seen or heard an episode, please leave a review :)

Hope to chat with you during the next show, the guests and I love to get impromptu questions!

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