Tips for Using the Pinterest Marketing Platform

Marketing For PinterestMarketing is evolving from large campaigns created over a period of time, to small snippets of creativity that are immediately available for scrutinising, voting and public consumption. Pinterest marketing is the newest form of business marketing. As the third most popular social network on the planet, Pinterest is quickly transforming from just a simple pin board of interests to a popular business marketing platform.


This is an awesome tool from Google Chrome that allows you to measure the progress of your Pinterest marketing campaigns. Through the use of a dashboard, marketers can pin new content to their marketing boards using repins, likes and clicks. The Pinerly dashboard assists in learning about Pinterest marketing campaigns and how to structure any future campaigns. Another Pinerly tool features suggestions of different accounts to follow and different content to pin which are also sources to bolster reach, provide inspiration and increase the freshness of your Pinterest marketing boards.

Pin Alerts

This is a very basic but effective tool that sends email alerts when images from your Pinterest marketing board and website are pinned on other Pinterest users boards. The real-time alerts allow you to see who is pinning your content at that time, and which visuals are resonating with the public. The similarities between Pin Alerts and the Google Alerts are similar apart from the optimized keywords that you would use in Google. Pin Alerts allows you to monitor certain domains, and you can change the amount of times you get Pin Alerts.


A Facebook application that gives businesses the ability to display Pinterest pins on Facebook. The combination of the two biggest social networks means that fans can take your Facebook visuals and share them directly from your page. This Pinterest marketing tool means your display images resemble Pinterest pins making it much easier for your followers to share your product content.


You can pin and create visuals of your website, content and other interesting information such as Twitter snippets, captioned photos and calendar dates of a new launch or event. Pinstamatic is rather popular as the dashboard provides marketers with the tool to create visuals and content for Pinterest, minus the editing software. This Pinterest marketing tool is a great inspiration source for any new campaigns and future boards.

Pin Search

A new addition to the Google Chrome browser, Pin Search gives you the chance to search for Pinterest images on Google. The information attached to the images such as which websites the pictures are from, information about photographers, and images similar to your search will give you beneficial insights for your Pinterest marketing campaign. It allows you to do competitive research and gives you an idea of how to structure your future marketing campaigns.

Vida Denning is prolific freelance writer who used the Pinterest marketing while freelancing for a company in Miami office space, which is fast becoming quite popular for businesses.

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