Benefits of Capturing Client Feedback on Mind Maps

Client feedback is gold for any business that respects itself and wants to improve its services and products.  However, client feedback is more than a necessity for offering better services and products, it is the proof that a business is alive and clients take their role seriously in maintaining a healthy business.

When clients are more than numbers, their feedback and concerns become of an inestimable value.  Do you know why? Because in spite of technological advances we still want to make sure that behind that screen and feedback there’s a real person, not just a number.  Capturing client feedback on mind maps takes advantage of the benefits of technology while still ensuring the humanity of business.

Clients’ feedback can relate to different aspects of a business: customer service, quality of products, delivery services, complaints, desired improvements.  So here are some of the greatest benefits of capturing client feedback on mind maps:

Quick & valid sharing of information

This can be a two-way street.  The business owner can already have in place a mind map template which can be shared with clients so that they can quickly share their input on previously established business aspects.  Or, the client can create a mind map and pinpoint the areas which need improvement according to his own personal experience.


Content accuracy of first-hand feedback

So much effort and money are invested into creating surveys that would reach clients in order to provide accurate feedback.  With mind maps, the client is writing down his own ideas and providing original feedback.  This way, the written content is not reproduced or paraphrased but it rather includes clients’ direct observations and feedback.

Also, it can include the summary of a team’ feedback for a business service or product utility.


Organized visualization of ideas

Feedback is fragmented into main points which stand out on a mind map in a more organized format compared to a linearly written text.  At the same time, this outline format can be used at any time later on to build on clients’ feedback and to report necessary changes to different departments or teams.

mm3 4. Dynamic Real Time Collaboration

Placing your feedback on a mind map, created with a collaborative tool, increases the efficiency of real time collaboration between clients and business representatives.   This benefit is the most exciting since it reveals the human side of business where:

  • feedback and suggestions can be clarified on the spot
  • information and additional details can be corrected during collaboration
  • new issues can be added or addressed simultaneously


Increased Trust

One step leads to another.  Real time collaboration leads to an increased trust that client feedback has been received and has been taken into consideration by business owners or business representatives.

Reaching a higher level of trust can take place after first establishing transparent communication and after providing feedback to feedback.

Mind maps can be one of the most friendly and handy door openers to a busy world which still needs to rediscover the humanity of business through efficient communication tools.

NaomiMihutNaomi Mihut is Copywriter and Client Relations Manager at Mindomo, an online collaborative tool,  which is being used by a large array of professionals within the business and educational fields.  Naomi’s professional experience has been centered mainly on project management as well as on the writing of educational and business projects.  Her current writing focuses mainly on brainstorming strategies, career planning, time management, collaboration and negotiation strategies.
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  1. mind maps help me a lot in my projects, they are very useful for managing all kinds of business, projects and even our time, and it’s really cool and fun to mess with them

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