7 Things to Consider When Buying Smartphones for Business

2236Recent technological advancements in smart phones have enabled businesses to use them to run their company more efficiently. Not only does it give employees more accessibility by having important information with them at all times, but it allows companies to cut on costs that would otherwise accrue.

Here are seven things to consider when buying smart phones for a business.

Having coverage is important, especially when you’re working on an important project or when you’re expecting a phone call. Every business person has that fear of being in the middle of an important call or message, when suddenly the phone experiences a bad connection and drops the call.

Check out the coverage maps to make sure the smart phone will work in all areas, so there’s no unexpected surprised. Be sure to see if there’s enough broadband data for both voice and data. Since many business people aren’t only using their phones for calling and texting but internet services as well, it’s imperative to make sure there is enough data coverage. If international travel is expected, look for a smart phone that’s compatible to meet those traveling needs.

For those constantly on the go, there’s little opportunity to plug up a phone and wait for it to charge. Most smart phones have a shorter battery life because of their touch screens, bright colors, and are often running low by mid afternoon. For those using their smartphones for business, look for a smart phone that has a low capacity battery.

Another option is looking for a smart phone that allows the user to change out the battery with a charged one if an emergency arises. This helps make sure the user always has a full battery life without having to worry about missing out on calls or checking emails.

Enterprise Support

Smartphones being used for business need to have remote setup as well as connectivity to company resources including email, calendar, and important contacts. With Blackberry mobile device management, a company has better access to mobile platforms and gives company IT departments better control, as well as more business-related features and applications.

Some of these business applications include document viewers and task managers, giving businesses the chance to multi-task and work on more than one project at a time. Applications like these make working from a mobile device easier and it allows businesses to get things done in a more efficient and timely manner.

Phone Features

A phone being used for business-related purposes should have special phone features to accommodate the user. One of the most important features is voice quality. Poor voice quality makes phone calls and conferences near impossible, which causes several problems for both parties. The smart phone should have a high-quality speaker phone so there’s plenty of clarity during phone calls.

Another important feature is a keyboard. A physical keyboard on a smart phone becomes an excellent tool to have when it comes to writing out reports or writing out long emails and letters. For smaller and medium size businesses, who plan to work specifically from their smartphones, having specific features like a plug-in for a headset or clear voice quality are important, especially if the person answering the phone is doing customer service or taking orders directly from a customer.

The Right Screen Size

As technology improves, extra features are added to smart phones , often requiring them to have larger screens. A larger screen is an excellent choice for those who use their smart phone to view documents. It also makes editing and emailing an easier task.

A larger screen is also an important pick for those who are planning on using it for multitasking and those who need to easily navigate from one task to another. Other users prefer a smaller screen that enables the phone to fit right into their hand for easy carrying and access. Smaller screens often make it possible for users to carry the phone in their pocket or in smaller purses or bags. This is very convenient for those who do a great deal of walking and traveling.

Camera Quality and Audio Recorders

Audio and visual features on smartphones are often used to play or show multimedia content or even make last-minute presentations. Businesses relying on their phones for these features will want to look for a smart phone that has a high megapixel camera. Companies should do thorough research and read through reviews to see which phones are recommended for such tasks.

Since Skype and video conferencing has become increasingly popular, a mobile device should be able to offer high-quality video for those occasions. In addition to good video, users will also need quality recording. A presentation or conference will fail if there isn’t good voice quality or clarity. Businesses should make sure the smart phone meets both these requirements for these important tasks, especially if they’re used often.


The Ability to Sync with a Desktop

When a smart phone can sync directly with a desktop, the user doesn’t have to worry about transferring the data to access it. Businesses need to have access to their information at all times.  Look for smartphones compatible with specific programs that allow for the smart phone to sync directly with the desktop. Having this option helps businesses cut down on the amount of time they would normally have to spend on transferring everything from one device to another. This is time that could be used to do more important tasks within the business.

A smart phone is an excellent tool for businesses making work easier and helping them run more efficiently. By determining what a company’s needs are, it can pick the right phone for its business and have more flexibility and freedom. While considering important features including battery life, screen size, specific phone features, enterprise support, camera and audio quality, and the ability to sync with a desktop, businesses can easily become more successful.

Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer with a focus on technology. When not behind a computer, Teddy spends the majority of his free time outdoors and resides in Tampa, Florida. Follow Teddy on Twitter: @tedhunt9.
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