The Real Impact Of Video Marketing In 2014

videoIf you’re not using video to market your products and enhance your brand you’ll soon find yourself quickly falling behind in the marketing stakes as the percentage of consumers who regularly use video continues to soar. The figures speak for themselves, around 79% of adults regularly watch and post videos onto the internet making video search engines like YouTube some of the most lucrative marketing tools of the 21st century, in fact YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world today, second only to Google. Big business has dominated online video marketing in the past but because of the ease of access to video content by consumers on smart devices and tablets small businesses are starting to take notice of online video marketing as a vital part of their marketing and SEO campaigns.

How Far Can Online Video Take You?

The sky is the limit where effective video is concerned. Current and evocative online video is reaching more people every day with over 4 billion hours of video currently being watched on YouTube every single month!

Video has proven a vital marketing technique for both attracting consumers and for business to business communication:

  • At least 90 % of online shoppers watch online videos before purchasing a product and committing to a brand
  • 52% of business executives claim to watch work related videos on video search engines every single week
  • 30% of business executives contacted vendors after seeing their business to business video appear in an online video

Online video is one of the most powerful marketing platforms reaching hundreds of millions of individuals monthly and the amount of viewers rises annually. It’s time to sell your brand through video.

Your Video Options

The type of video content you create will be determined by your industry:

  • Product Videos – Buyers are significantly more likely to trust your brand and invest in your products if they can see your stock for themselves. A short video showing the product from different angles and explaining how it works takes potential buyers on a user journey they can engage with.
  • Testimonials – Having existing customers and clients explain how your products and services have benefited shows that your business practices what it preaches.
  • How To – Tips and techniques are always popular, especially if your product is tricky or difficult to understand. Watching a video explaining how to do something is quicker and easier for the end user than scrolling through lengthy pages of content.
  • Processes – Show your audience how your company works; go through the steps of what your company does so people know where their money is going.

The job of your video is to engage your audience and tell a story, they should be short, concise and engaging in order to hold a viewer’s attention while being unique and entertaining to get them shared.

Join The Conversation

Social media is a marketing Godsend. With social media you can effectively share your video between multiple locations to potentially reach the millions of users who utilize YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day. Instead of waiting for the people to come to you, go to where the people are; find out what people are searching for by finding out what’s trending and tailoring your video and marketing to fit and you’ll find an instant online audience.

There is no greater boost to your brand in the 21st century than video marketing, it’s time to pick up the camera and throw your hat into the video arena.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of London based corporate video and commercial production company Toast TV, specialists in creating engaging and exciting video and video infographics that tell a story and capture the imagination of online and broadcast audiences.Image courtesy smbizdoitbetter

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