Small Business Start-ups: What Challenges to Expect

Starting a business isn’t easy and while heading down the self-employed road may seem easier than other avenues, you will face challenges regardless. Take a look at some of these issues you may be faced with along the way and prepare yourself for one incredible journey.


Any start-up business, unless it’s something that you can fund yourself, will need to apply for financing at some point or another. For this, a business plan is essential so that you can present to your potential finance provider exactly what your business is, what funding you need, and why you need it.

Understanding overheads, tax, accounts and balance sheets are essential aspects of running a business – if you don’t have the first clue, you’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride.

Compensation Claims

While prosecution is obviously best avoided, you never know when the worst could happen. Mistakes and accidents happen to everyone and while you may be doing the best you can to ensure everything you do is to the best of your business’ ability, you never really know when someone on the receiving end may deem you or your services negligent. You can answer questions including ‘what is public liability’ and ‘which insurance do I need’ online.


Employees are a major component of any business and while being self-employed means you don’t have to worry about recruitment of others; small businesses will be faced with the issue sooner or later. Knowing how to recruit staff, where to recruit them from and how to keep hold of the good ones are all part and parcel of this huge challenge and something that you definitely need to get your head round once you’ve planned on expansion.

The Learning Curve

Starting a business is one big learning curve and the knowledge that you will pick up along the way is astronomical. As long as you have a thirst for success and the passion to make it work, you’ll be fine.

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