7 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Business Postage Costs

postOver the last few years, business owners have been tightening their belts and getting creative over cost-cutting. However, many don’t consider just how much money they spend on postage and delivery fees. While it’s not always possible or desirable to scale back on the amount of mail you send out, here are a few smart fixes you can use to minimize unnecessary costs and only pay for what your business really needs.

Invest in mailroom equipment. Finding ways to automate your bulk mail requirements may cost a little at first but it should definitely pay off in the long run. Mailing and address management software can help cut down on duplicate data and sort address lists to qualify your business for postal savings. Automatic letter openers, envelope labelers and franking machines can also dramatically speed up the handling of your outgoing and incoming business post, providing savings along the way.

Use postcards instead of letters. There are many times when you only need to communicate a few lines to a customer, such as informing them of a sale or other special offer regarding your business. Using pre-stamped postcards instead of standard letters in these instances will reduce costs significantly.

Take advantage of bulk mail savings. If your business sends a lot of bulk mail, such as leaflets, catalogs or magazines, you should be able to get discounts on their delivery. Some bulk mail savings offers will require you to presort your mail – for example, into regions or area codes– but other deals will include the sorting process too.

Prepare your mail more efficiently. If you’re a smaller business that still does most of its mail preparation by hand, you can still make savings by preparing mail properly. With postal charges based on size as well as weight, folding A4 letters to fit them into smaller envelopes will save you money, as will combining in a single envelope multiple mailings to the same customer or client. Make sure you also include a return address on your outgoing mail, so that you can update your database records if it comes back to you undelivered.

Minimize last-minute deliveries. Overnight shipping and other express delivery services charge a premium to get your post delivered without delay but before using them, ask yourself if the recipient really needs the letter or parcel by the following day. If not, just use a regular first class stamp instead.

Use email as much as possible: it’s not only cheaper but faster too. Instead of mailing discount vouchers, just email them and ask customers to print out their own. As well as postage costs, you’ll also slash your stationery bills.

Stock up on non-value indicator stamps. Bulk buying these non-denominated stamps will save you money when prices rise – as they inevitably will.

Keeping your post to the minimum required and adopting some of these basic cost-cutting measures should deliver good news for your business with significant savings in your business mail budget.

This article was written by Melanie, a business content writer offering tips and advice to small business owners. For more on postage savings visit The Mailing Room. Image courtesy >CarbonNYC

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  1. Postcards are such a great way to keep your customers informed in an inexpensive way. The chances of someone reading what you send is greater when it comes in a postcard rather than regular mail. Thanks for sharing!

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