5 Celebs Who You Didn’t Know are Also Successful Entrepreneurs

The chances that you knew these people are outrageously successful entrepreneurs is pretty much zero, so just shut up and read already! The best part is at the end though – guaranteed abs.

#1: The Goopster: Gwyneth Paltrow

Yes, she’s Ironman’s personal assistant, confidant and girlfriend. She’s had tons of supporting roles that have landed her squarely in global celebrity status, but Gwyneth is also a crafty entrepreneur. Then there was her book “My Father’s Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family And Togetherness.”

Ever been to www.goop.com? This is her lifestyle site and it has a huge following. Others are taking the success of her model and trying to do something similar themselves. But, at the end of the day it’s hard to compete with a brand like hers.

#2: You Talkin To Me?

Robert De Niro isn’t typically thought of as anything but an actor, and rightly so. But he’s actually incredibly industrious and business savvy as well. He’s a huge sushi guy, so he owns his own brand of the stuff that’s served in 24 locations around the world – Nobu. Then, in true De Niro fashion, he co-owns a small number of fine Italian dining locations, one of which is in Hollywood (and of course NYC). Here’s some content from the front page of their website to give you an idea of just how up-scale it is:

“The King and Queen made the rounds! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to celebrate the actor’s film 12 Years A Slave’s big Best Picture win at last night’s Oscars by attending a private after party at Ago Restaurant.”

#3: The Olsen Twins

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “Hmm, what ever happened to those Olsen sisters?” Fret not, because they’re doing just dandy. After bailing from the Full House scene with a hefty sum they created Dualstar and began producing their own movies! The company sells other things as well, but that was only the beginning.

Then, like so many other Hollywood actresses these days, they turned to the fashion world to bring their brand to threads. So far, it hasn’t been such a bad move. Apparently they’ve brought in over $1 billion in sales, which in turn led them to create www.StyleMint.com.

#4: The Drunken Entrepreneur

If you’re a big Jackie Chan fan then you’ll get that title. To be honest, he might not even really drink. The guy looks and seems like a martial arts saint of the Asian blend. Other than what he’s best known for, the guy’s got tons of businesses! First there’s the Jackie Chan Theater International movie theaters throughout China. These aren’t your ordinary theaters either, they’re freaking huge!

He’s also in the fitness industry with his own brand of gyms, he’s got his own clothing line and check out www.JackieChanDesign.com. It doesn’t end there. He’s also dipped into the restaurant industry and will soon probably try opening up his own supermarkets. I hope they have organics.

#5: Will Ferrell

Just saying his name conjures a smile. Along with being a Hollywood celeb, this funny guy created Funny or Die, which will literally blow your socks right off. What is it? Well, think of YouTube but for nothing but comedy. No matter video you watch, vote on, like, or hate, it’s all about laughing.

Okay – seriously, try not to click this link RIGHT HERE before you finish reading the last little bit of this article because you’ll soon find that a couple hours have gone by and you’ve laughed yourself into raging six-pack abs.

The point of all this is that when you become a famous celebrity, you too can take that brand and create business with it. Or, you could just take advantage of modern technology and do that right now without the celebrity status.

Ali Asjad is a content strategist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He helps companies in vast and varied verticals achieve more success and visibility online. Circle him on Google+ to further the conversation. Image courtesy IMDB

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  1. Enjoyed this post very much. Always like to take a peek at anything discussing a celebrity or celebrities. You say to yourself: “Eh! Who are they?” But you can’t resist reading. Your curiosity overwhelms you. Must also say that all of 5 people named? No surprise that they are successful entrepreneurs.
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  2. I did not expect Will Ferrell to be in this list. He often plays ridiculous roles in movies that you won’t even take him seriously! LOL. So it’s nice to know that you really shouldn’t judge too quickly.

  3. bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

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