How to Effectively use Web Video in Marketing a Small Business

Becoming a renowned leader in one’s respective field of business, enjoying the reputation of a desirable employer and earning large profits make for the holy trinity of modern entrepreneurship ideals, but only a selected few will survive this harsh climb to top. Nevertheless, it can be safely said that every hard-working entrepreneur always tends to dream (at least secretly) of making it big. Being a founder of a small animation studio – guilty as charged. However, I’ve had the luxury of learning early on how to harness the power of web videos and thus help my small business make its first big steps towards our pot of gold.

Content marketing

The vibrant global marketplace of today, increasingly driven by daily technological advancements, is constantly forcing marketers and advertisers to evolve their strategies for achieving higher sales, and currently the most valuable skill to possess relates to content marketing. You’ve probably already seen it all over the web – various videos, ebooks, infographics, quick tutorials, just to name a few. Content marketing revolves around the idea of providing carefully tailored, interesting and practically useful information to a clearly targeted audience, ensuring three distinctive results: customers actively seek out more details on a product, they develop emotional bonds and continuously invest themselves into the marketers’ brands which, in turn, makes for a much easier customer retention process.

The power of visualization – web videos

One of the crucial advantages video has over printed material lies in its ability to instantly evoke various emotions and convey a sense of reality. This is how we ensure that our clients create a memorable, positive bond between our services and their happiness. The human mind relies primarily on visual stimuli to successfully interact with the world around it, which is why it’s only natural for marketers to build the vast majority of their strategies around visual media platforms, relying on high definition video playback devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to broaden their reach and bring the message across.

Style over substance? Why not both?

Web videos represent a very cost-effective way to promote your brand, products and services, especially if you’re going up against bigger competitors. However, bear in mind that the selection of a company’s video strategy and techniques needs to be carefully aligned with the targeted audience. For instance, an enterprise whose business is in video recording and processing could benefit from including a simple, attractive video within their welcome e-mail to new clients. Conversely, our enterprise builds reputation by actively engaging people through social media and forums where creativity is fostered and shared. Web videos easily build communities through YouTube channels, the number two most used search engine in the world, which can bring even more business and buzz your way. Another great approach is to leverage video testimonials, since people are more inclined to listen to and acknowledge vocal information coming from other humans they can relate to. This type of social proof is a very strong card to play, just make sure the testimonials are honest because false, artificial emotion is easily spotted and will surely harm your cause. People also love seeing things in action, and utilizing web videos to showcase your product’s performance is a great way to spark interest amongst your future customers – seeing is believing. Additionally, the presence of audio further enhances the sensation of personalized events and reactions. As with all things currently present on the web, videos also enable you to benefit from SEO services and increase your overall online presence, which can translate to revenue through positive reputation. Moreover, you can supply social media circles with engaging material that gets chain-shared and organically transforms into a powerful viral marketing vehicle.


Web videos make an excellent, both time and money efficient solution for your small business. You can easily reach a wide audience and position yourself as an interesting, fresh and caring organization with the mission of providing value, while cherishing emotion and human contact. At the end of the day, we all instinctively seek in videos the thing we enjoy the most in real life – emotions, interaction and knowledge. Business is just another aspect of life, so why not make it play in high definition? Mackenzie blogs about entrepreneurship, start-ups, and marketing. Good marketing sells products, says Mackenzie. She believes in strong local communities as the foundation of sustainable business that's why she does her part when buying local.

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  1. Your video plan no need to be incredibly detailed, but you should create a good idea of how you will align video content with the goals of your company.

  2. Video content is easy to share, but can be difficult to create. It’s good to have a video that is related to your product or company and provides valuable information to the consumer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think these kind of platforms are so good for live streaming events and video sneak peaks which really boost engagement. Although I’d always choose Periscope over Meerkat.

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